10 Advantages of Porcelain Slabs for Commercial Spaces


Porcelain has been used for centuries for different purposes, such as for fine cutlery or decorative elements, but nowadays it is often used for flooring, kitchen and bathroom work surfaces…Varieties in which you can use porcelain for your commercial facilities are numerous, and the most important is that it will also bring numerous advantages.

So, let’s take a look at the advantages of porcelain slabs for commercial spaces.

1. Stain-resistant
No material is 100% stain-resistant, but porcelain is very close to it. The non-porous surface of it prevents liquids from absorbing and leaving a stain.

2. Heat-resistant
Porcelain is made at 1400 degrees Celsius; it can easily handle temperatures used in kitchens, for example. This makes porcelain and excellent choices for kitchens of busy restaurants because you can even use it without a mat or trivet.

3. Scratch-resistant
Porcelain is very difficult to scratch, which makes it excellent for flooring in busy bathrooms and hallways. However, you should beware if you are using ceramic knives in the kitchen- they can scratch porcelain slabs, so be sure to use a cutting board.

4. Durability
Generally speaking, porcelain slabs are not easily affected by wear and tear, but very high force can leave a crack on your slabs.

5. Resistant to UV light
This may not seem as important, but it is. Because of this, porcelain colour will not fade over time on sunlight and will look as new even after 10 years.

6. Variety in Colours
Because porcelain is manufactured, the pigments can be added to change its colour. This is especially important if you just want to replace the floors, for example, but you don’t want to change the whole appearance of your commercial facility- you will easily find a colour that will match.

7. Variety in Patterns
There are styles that look just like natural stones, especially marble. You can achieve the same effect with porcelain, while not having to spend so much on marble slabs.

8. It does not need sealing
Generally speaking, porcelain is non-porous; therefore it will not need a sealant.

9. Easy to clean
Not only that it doesn’t need sealing, but it is also very easy to clean. The cleaning is easily handled with just soap, water and a soft rug. You will have no hard times removing all sorts of liquids from porcelain slabs.

10. Can be recycled
Porcelain is made of a sort of clay, which can be recycled once you decide to replace it.

Porcelain slabs are a smart choice for commercial objects and can be used in kitchens, bathrooms and hallways. It can be used for floors, countertops and decorative elements. You can achieve the same effect as with marble, for example, without having to spend that much. All in all, the characteristics of this material make it a smart and long-term investment.

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