10 Affordable Classic Quartz Colours

Classic Quartz Colours
With Classic Quartz Stone slabs being such a perfect solution to your home improvement and commercial needs, we have created a list of some of the best Classic Quartz colours that are available.
The reason why Classic Quartz Stone is such a popular material is because it is relatively maintenance free and is practically heat, stain and scratch resistant as it is a non-porous material.

Classic Gris

Classic Gris is one of our dark grey colours that are available and it has been finished with small black speckles within the pattern. Grey is such a popular colour at the moment and on trend, especially when it is being matched with colours such as yellow.


Another one of our grey colours within the range is CementoLigero. CementoLigero is a medium shade grey with tiny black speckles, much like Classic Gris but lighter.

F35 Glitter Branco

One of our lighter colours within the Classic Quartz range is our F35 Glitter Branco. By the name, you would have guessed that it has a very glittery effect which has been achieved with large grey mirror-effect chips.

Mat Blanc

This is one of our white colours within the range and it has been finished off with medium sized grey chips and speckles.


Very similar to Mat Blanc, Sepia is our second white colours within the Classic Quartz Stone range but the difference is within the pattern. Sepia has been finished with a mixture of brown and grey chips.


For those who are not wanting to go quite as bright as white, we have a range of beige and ivory colours available. Botticino is one of our beige colours which has been finished with small, white speckles to achieve the desired appearance.

Classic Bianco

Our next in line is Classic Bianco which is another one of our beige colours, however it also offers a slight hint of pink within its appearance. Unlike a lot of our other colours within the range, Classic Bianco is solid and pure in colour and appearance.

Classic Ivory

Our Classic Ivory colour is another one for those who are looking for a lighter colour but do not want to go white. This Classic Ivory slab has been finished with tiny, darker ivory speckles.


Café is one of our available colours within our range that is more of a coffee colour. Café is a medium brown with darker brown speckles throughout the pattern.

Café Gris

Café Gris is our second colour that is another coffee colour slab. Much like Café, Café Gris is brown in colour but this time is it lighter with darker brown speckles throughout.