10 Beautiful Classic Quartz Colours for Modern Kitchens

Classic Quartz Colours for Modern Kitchens

We can supply you with high quality Classic Quartz Stone slabs that have been made out of 93% natural quartz. The main appeal of Classic Quartz Stone is that it can be used for absolutely any interior application within your home so whatever kind of renovations you are making to your home, Classic Quartz slabs are able to be used. If you want a kitchen worktop, flooring or a vertical application then Quartz is your material.

Classic Quartz Stone is ideal for using within homes because they will never require any sealant treatment, so you will never have to worry about long term costs. Once you have purchased your Classic Quartz slabs, you will never have to pay another penny for their upkeep as long as you take good care of it. The reason why it is such low maintenance is because it is a non-porous material due to being man made.
While considering whether or not Classic Quartz is the stone for you, you also need to take into consideration the colours that are available. We have a big range of colours available so we have created a list of our 10 most beautiful Classic Quartz colours.

Cemento Ligero

This Classic Quartz slab is a light grey with tiny speckles of darker grey and black that cover the slab. This colour is absolutely perfect for those who are wanting to stay on trend without the worry of having to change the colour if they ever want to switch colour theme. Grey is always on trend as it is such a modern colour, perfect for modern homes.


Botticinio is one of our ivory shades that are great for those who are wanting to bring in more light into their kitchen. This particular shade of slab is ivory with thin white swirls throughout. Ivory is the perfect choice for anyone who wants to go light without making the commitment of deciding to have white. Ivory still remains to have that luxurious feel that white does while having that modern feel for those who are wanting to keep up with the modern home trends.


Café is one of our two brown shades within our Classic Quartz range. The main colour is a coffee shade which offers a beautiful array of dots throughout the pattern. This particular colour is perfect for those who are wanting a darker shade within their kitchen without going quite as dark as black. Brown will always be popular and fashionable within modern homes and will never need to be replaced unless you choose to do so. The benefit of having brown is that it is a neutral colour and therefore will match with almost any other colour out there for times you decide to re-decorate.

Classic Bianco

This is another one of our ivory colours however this time it offers a plain, block colour of ivory which is fantastic for those who are not wanting a pattern. Our Classic Quartz slabs that have no pattern are perfect in areas of the kitchen that you do not want overcrowding or particular areas you don’t want to look too busy. By having a block colour, you are more able to find colours that fit perfectly alongside it as there are no other colours within the slabs you have to take into consideration. Ivory offers such a beautiful, elegant appearance that cannot be beaten.

Classic Gris

Classic Gris is another one of our grey colours within the range and is perfect for anyone who is keeping up with the current modern trends within their home. The great thing about grey is that it will never go out of fashion and you will always be able to redecorate without the worry of having to find accessories to match. Classic Gris has the main colour of grey with tiny speckles of black throughout to give it the look of a darker grey.

F35 Glitter Branco

Just as the name suggests, Glitter Branco is a light grey slab within our range and has the appearance of glitter throughout thanks to the beautiful glass shards. The glass shards that run throughout the slab are quite big pieces that also offer a mirrored effect to it.


This particular slab within our Classic Quartz Stone slab is a creamy colour that is almost off white with the appearance of stone throughout. The stones that have been laid throughout the slab are all different shades of cream, brown and grey which is great for anyone wanting a very neutral colour and pattern for their kitchen.

Mat Blanc

Mat Blanc is almost the same as the above Classic Quartz Stone however this time the stones are smaller. Once again, the stones are all neutral in colour of cream, brown and grey which is perfect for anyone who looks to switch up their colour theme from time to time.

Classic Ivory

Our Classic Ivory colour within the range is another one of our block colours however this time it offers very tiny speckles throughout that are almost the same shade of ivory. The speckles are places very tightly together which gives it the impression of a block colour, until you get close to it.

Café Gris

This is another one of our brown colour slabs within the Classic Quartz Stone range but this time it is a light brown. This particular slab offers tiny dots and speckles of black throughout to give another dimension to the slab, while still remaining neutral.