10 Benefits of Porcelain Wall & Floor Tiles

Best Ways to Clean Porcelain Worktops & Countertops

Porcelain is such a popular material which is growing in popularity every day. Porcelain started off as a ‘different’ solution to your home renovations but it is now an option in its own right. Check out here our range of porcelain slabs for wholesale.


Hopefully this overview of porcelain tiles and what they can offer you and your home will give you an idea of what it can offer you. Porcelain has such a lengthy list of advantages ready to help you decide on your material of choice.


#1 Range of Colours


When you start shopping around for porcelain tiles, you will soon realise that the option you have for colours is huge. You will never feel like you are having to negotiate the appearance of your home by choosing a slightly different colour or shade than what you originally wanted. Whatever colour you are looking for, you can be sure to find it available.

#2 UV Resistant


A big benefit of having porcelain slabs within your home is that they will never fade as a result of being placed in direct sunlight. Sunlight will not have any affect on your porcelain slabs at all, so you can be sure that wherever you decide to place them that they will last the same amount of time throughout the house.

#3 Stain Resistant


Porcelain slabs are perfect for kitchens and bathrooms in particular due to its stain resistant ability. Whether you spill food or drink that is known to stain such as wine, it will never stain your porcelain tiles as long as it is cleaned up straight away. Porcelain will never soak up any spillages, instead it will remain on top of the surface ready to be simply wiped away, keeping your home looking cleaning and tidy.

#4 Scratch Resistant


Similarly, to being stain resistant, porcelain being scratch resistant makes it perfect for areas such as kitchens, bathrooms or dressing rooms where there will be items such as knives or heavy objects that are capable of scratching surfaces. Your porcelain tiles will hold up against most sharp and heavy objects.

#5 Many Patterns


After you have picked out which colour you would like your porcelain tiles to be in, do not forget to check out how many different patterns are available. Thanks to porcelain having varied pigmentation, it creates a huge range of patterns from veining to freckles. So if you are looking for the appearance of a natural stone like marble, then porcelain can give you just that but for a fraction of the price.

#6 You Pick the Size


When you are wanting your porcelain tiles to be large or small, it will not be a problem. Porcelain is available in a range of sizes to choose from, so regardless of the appearance you are wanting to achieve with your tiles, you will be able to.
For example, if you are wanting a kitchen island but to use one single piece of porcelain, this will not be a problem at all. Likewise, if you would prefer to use smaller pieces then you simply place your order for that size.

#7 Easy Handling


Both customers and manufacturers love porcelain as it is perfect for handling, preparing and cutting. For all stages of production from cutting to preparing for installation, porcelain can be handled very easily which makes for a very quick process from start to finish.

#8 Waterproof


Your porcelain tiles are perfect for any area within the home as it is incredibly waterproof as a material. So whether you are likely to be spilling water or liquids within the kitchen, walking in water from the rain into your hallway or spraying water in the bathroom, it will never be a problem as the material is entirely waterproof. Water will simply remain on the surface of the material ready for when you are there to wipe it all away.

#9 Heat Resistant


We have mentioned before that porcelain is perfect for both kitchens and bathrooms and again, here is another reason why. Whether you are placing hot pots and pans on the surface or placing down hot hair straighteners, you do not have to worry about damaging the surface as it is heat resistant. However, we do still recommend that our customers continue to use their normal precautions such as heat pads to minimise the risk of damage.

#10 Hard Wearing


Porcelain is known for being very durable and hard wearing, which makes it perfect for placing in high traffic areas such as kitchens or hallways. No matter how many times porcelain tiles are trodden on or slammed down on, as long as you take proper care of the material then it will last you for many years to come.