10 Things You Should Know About Our Quartz Marble Effect Range

Things You Should Know About Our Quartz Marble Effect Range

Quartz Stone slabs are made up of around 93% Natural Quartz and the rest is polymer resins and dyes. This means that your product is natural and has been fused with 7% polymer resin. However, people still love the Marble effect but not the huge price tag or some downfalls that come with the upkeep of the stone, which is why we offer a Quartz Marble effect range.

With Quartz, you can still achieve that Marble effect look that you desire and here is why you should choose our Quartz Marble effect range for your kitchen renovations.

Maintenance Free

Our Quartz slabs do not require any additional maintenance than what is generally expected when it comes to cleaning or the upkeep, unlike other natural stones like Marble. You can achieve the Marble look without the regular sealing that would need to be done. So, wave bye-bye to the long-term costs of Marble and enjoy the extra cash when you purchase from our Quartz Marble effect instead. The only price you pay is the initial purchase and fitting!

Stain and Scratch Resistant

Quartz Stone is almost impossible to stain or scratch, so you can be rest assured that you are protected when it comes to ruining or damaging the appearance of your gorgeous Quartz worktops. When it comes to other natural stones, scratches and damage can occur generally quite a lot easier, especially when it comes to spilling any acidic materials that can happen within food preparation areas.

Cost Effective

Quartz Stone is one of the cheapest materials to purchase for your kitchen and home renovations. Not only is it less expensive per square foot but the overall long-term costs are literally zero. You will never have to pay out a single penny more than what you do at the time of purchasing and fitting your new worktop.

Heat Resistant

When you purchase Quartz Marble effect slabs, you will be surprised at how well it can withstand against heat. This makes it absolutely perfect for kitchen worktops as it can withstand against hot pots and pans much better than a lot of other materials on the market. So, you will never have to worry about damaging your work surface with hot pots again. However, we must still advise that you continue using the precautions as you would normally to prevent and lower any risk of damage at all.

Flexible with Applications

Not only can you use Quartz Marble effect slabs for your kitchen refit, but you can also use it in a huge number of ways. Whether you want to use it for your flooring, kitchen worktops, tables, cupboards or much more, you will never feel restricted with what you can use it for.Whatever your vision for your home renovations, you can make it happen with our Quartz Marble effect slabs.

Uniformed Appearance

One of the huge bonuses for Quartz slabs is that the appearance is incredibly uniformed. Before you purchase and order anything for your renovations you will naturally want to look at samples first. However, with other materials out there the look can be unpredictable, especially with natural stones as the appearance differs from slab to slab. This results in a very unique but different look between all of the slabs you purchase. If you are looking to have a much more uniformed look to your kitchen, the Quartz can help you achieve that as it has been completely engineered and therefore predictable in its appearance for both colour and markings.


Our Quartz Marble slabs not only offer beauty to your home, but it also has so much practicality to offer as well. Quartz is very difficult to damage and therefore perfect for homes with a young and growing family, as you will never have to worry about scuffs or bumps along the way as the years go on.

The ‘Appearance’ and Style

When you purchase and order Quartz Marble effect slabs, you will be receiving a stunning material and product that so closely resembles and mimics the look of Marble. So, despite it being less expensive to purchase you will definitely not be missing out when it comes to the look and style you are hoping to achieve.

Many Different Styles

Whether you are looking to completely change the style of your home or keep within the same theme, go for something more traditional or modern, you will be able to find a Quartz Marble effect slab that will suit your personality. Quartz comes in a variety of colours that you will be able to find exactly what you are looking for to match the look you want for your home and kitchen.