10 Tips for Selecting Quartz Surfaces and Worktops


So, you have chosen your stone and are set on it being Quartz. While you know that Quartz is the stone you want for your home renovation project, you may need a little help when it comes to selecting which Quartz surface to choose.
Hopefully this overview will help you decide which Quartz surface and worktop is for you.

#1 Colours and Patterns

Classic Quartz Stone comes in a wide range of colours and patterns to choose from, so you may be a little overwhelmed when it comes to finally deciding which to go for. You need to think about the theme that you are going for and select a colour and pattern that complements it, or a neutral colour that will go well with absolutely any other colour out there.
You can be rest assured that with Quartz you are going to have one of the best ranges for colours to choose from, so it will make for a great starting point.

#2 Consider Your Budget

When it comes to selecting which type of Quartz stone you are wanting, you need to consider your budget. Once you have an idea of how much you can afford, you then have a base and can immediately rule out a few options and have the ones left to choose from that you are able to purchase comfortably. There is no point in searching around for Quartz stone that may potentially be way out of your budget. However, Quartz is one of the most affordable stones out there, so you should not have any issue with getting the Quartz stone that you want.

#3 Lifestyle

When you are deciding on the material for your surfaces and worktops, you need to keep in mind your lifestyle and which stone will work around your home, on a practical level. While all Quartz stone surfaces and worktops come with most of the same features, you will need to consider the most important aspects that you are looking for. For example, is waterproofing and UV resistance important for you? Do you only want a surface that is not sensitive to chemicals? Do you have a family home? All of this and much more needs to be highlighted in your decision making.

#4 Your Style

Of course, you are going to be wanting the stone you select to reflect your individual style and the trend you want throughout your home. You are able to get Quartz stone to appear like natural stones such as Marble or if that is not your style, then you are able to choose from a huge range of other styles too. There really is a Quartz stone for absolutely everyone! Luckily, Quartz has much more choices than most other stones, so you have come to the right place.

#5 Hygiene

Regardless of where you are going to be placing your Quartz stone surface and worktop, you are going to want it to be incredibly hygienic; especially if it will be within the kitchen or bathroom. Quartz stone is great when it comes to cleaning and with such a low price tag, it will require minimal cleaning day to day.
Quartz is a non-porous stone, therefore it will never harbour any bacteria beneath the surface, so if you spill anything that you do not have to worry about it absorbing into the surface at all.

#6 Consider Pros and Cons

Even though on the most part all types of Quartz stone are very similar, there may be some differences that you may find important. You will therefore need to check through the pros and cons of the different Quartz stones that you like, to rule out the ones that do not appeal to you and to make sure that you are getting exactly what is right for you.

#7 Consider the size of the room

Different styles of Quartz will suit different rooms, especially when it comes to the size. If you have a smaller room, then it may be useful for you to know that a lighter colour would make your room appear to be much larger than it actually is. However, it can make the room look far too big if you use it in larger rooms. Light colours give the illusion of a larger room because it bounces light around the room, creating the image of a much bigger room.

#8 Get Samples

When you are looking through your options of Quartz stone, make sure that you either get sent samples or are able to view some within stores. Would you like a solid, plain colour or something with more of a pattern? If you are not sure, then you would be able to try out a few different looks from glitter, speckles, veins, spots to plain. The list is limitless!

#9 Quartz is Uniformed

Depending on the look you are going for, Quartz being a uniformed material can either be a good or bad thing. So, when you do get samples of Quartz, then you need to keep in mind that what you see is literally what you will be getting. Imagine that small sample on a big scale, and that is what your Quartz surface will look like.

#10 Finishes

With Quartz, you have a few different options to choose from with finishes. Whether you want a natural finish, matte or gloss, you will be able to choose what you prefer and would look best around your home.