5 Advantages of Classic Quartz Stone for Floor Tiles

Classic Quartz Stone for Floor Tiles

So, your home is in need of a few renovations and you have decided that a new flooring is to be a part of that. You are considering Classic Quartz Stone to be the material but are wisely doing some research into what it has to offer. We will supply you with information to help you make an informed choice.
Below are five reasons why choosing Classic Quartz Stone for your floor tiles would be a great decision for your home.

#1 Low Maintenance

Unlike other types of natural stone such as Marble, it will never require any regular sealing or treatments to be done. Classic Quartz Stone is so much easier to maintain and easy than a lot of other materials as it has been man made to be exactly that.
As it is a non-porous material it is by far easier to keep clean with your daily cleaning routine. When cleaning your Classic Quartz Stone floor tiles you are able to get a better and deeper clean if you make your own products out of cheap ingredients as it can be sensitive to some chemicals out there on the market, but as long as you are careful then you will never have a problem and your new flooring will always be in excellent condition.

#2 No Stains

As mentioned above, Classic Quartz Stone will never require any treatments such as sealing and one of the reasons why is because it is a non-porous material. Being non-porous means that it will never hold onto any liquids that have been spilled on to the surface, allowing it to be cleaned up far easier. As Classic Quartz Stone doesn’t ever hold onto any liquids that have been spilled, it will never stain. So you never have to worry about having young children run around your home and staining your lovely new flooring.

#3 Better for Budgets

If you are on a lower budget then Classic Quartz Stone is the material for you and your home renovations because not only is it cheaper in the long term but it is also cheaper for the initial purchase as well. There are absolutely no hidden or long terms costs of Classic Quartz Stone and what you pay is a one off fee when you make the investment.
Even if Classic Quartz Stone was a bit more expensive, it would still be worth the investment due to having no long term costs or worries to think of in the future. By purchasing Classic Quartz Stone you are able to rest your mind knowing that you are getting a quality material for a low cost.

#4 Appearance is Uniformed

Classic Quartz Stone offers a very uniformed look in appearance, so that you know each and every slab will be the same unlike other types of materials such as Marble. With Marble, for example, you can never be sure what you will be getting as it has not been man made. Classic Quartz has been engineered to have a completely consistent look in both colour and pattern, so you always know what you will be getting.
Sometimes customers can be put off with stone that does not have a uniformed look because they like their flooring to have a continuous flow. So if you like to be able to predict the pattern you will be getting with your flooring, then Classic Quartz Stone is the material for you as it offers you just that.

#5 Hard Wearing

Lastly, when you are looking into flooring materials one of your top priorities is whether it will withstand high traffic and people running around on it, in other words you want nothing less than hard wearing and durable. Classic Quartz Stone is incredibly hard wearing and it should last you a life time with proper maintenance and care. Additionally, Classic Quartz is also hard to scratch which makes it perfect for people with families, especially very young children, who are likely to be crawling around or playing with toys around the floor. With Classic Quartz Stone you will never have to worry about anyone making a mark that cannot be cleaned away, so you know that you are making a good investment when you decide to select it for your floor tile material.