5 Beautiful Brown Quartz Colours

Brown Quartz Slabs

Our Quartz slabs are made from 93% Quartz and has been fused with 7% polymer resins and dyes. Quartz offers your home a beautiful and elegant finish to any room, but when choosing our Quartz slabs you need to decide on a colour.
Brown is a very popular colour not only within homes but also commercially because it will match nicely with almost any other colour or shade. There are a variety of shades of brown Quartz to choose from, whether you want a light, medium or dark brown, you can be sure to find the perfect fit.

Café Gris

Starting with the lightest, Café Gris is the lightest brown Quartz that we stock. Our Café Quartz could be described as more of a ‘Latte’ shade and would go beautifully with light décor but would equally look great with darker shades.


Our Café Quartz is very similar to Café Gris in pattern and colour, just a slightly darker shade, and for that reason a lot of customers would be torn between choosing between these two as they are very similar but yet offer a completely different look. Our Café Gris and Café colours would look great within lighter rooms.


Palazzo is very different to our first two shade, in term of the pattern. Palazzo has a marble effect with hints of white within the pattern. The shade itself is very light with touches of darker browns within and throughout the pattern. Perfect for the type of person who likes to change their colour themes from time to time, as this colour would go perfectly with a range of other colours and shades.


Our Marbre-Gris Quartz is a great choice for those looking for a medium tone brown within their home or commercial property. The pattern effect is much more similar to the first two within this list, as the pattern is more speckled than marble. The reason why brown is getting very popular is because it goes well with many different colours on the market, so you may not necessarily have to replace your accessories or main colour theme.


Our Brillo-Café Quartz is the darkest brown slab that we offer our customers and would add a touch of luxury to any room. Brillo-Café could be described as more of a chocolate colour/shade of brown and it has touches of white and lighter browns within the pattern. Brown is very popular within homes because it can match well with a huge variety of other colours and shades.

Hopefully this article has helped you decide whether brown is the colour for you and if it is, then you have narrowed down your list and have more of an idea of what shade you would like to go for.

As you can see, brown is a very flexible colour and you have so many different shades and patterns to choose from, it really is not as simple as just choosing the colour brown. Brown can go very well with a range of other colours and shades, so you never have to worry about changing your colour themes and accessories in future.