5 Benefits of Classic Quartz Ivory Colour

quartz Ivory ColourCertain colours are timeless, and that means they will never leave the fashion stakes. If you are thinking about going for something between white and cream for your kitchen countertops, quartz is the ideal choice, because you can find many different shades available in this natural stone. Ivory is classic, it is always pure, always clean, and looks fantastic no matter what you pair it with.

If you need further ideas, check out these five benefits of classic quartz ivory, and get ready to purchase your new kitchen countertop.

Ivory is a classic, timeless colour

If you want a very classy and sophisticated choice of shade for your kitchen countertop then this is the ideal one to go for. You might not want white, which is understandable, but you might not want to go down the beige line either, and therefore ivory is the perfect option to go for instead. Just like white marble has that effortless class, ivory quartz is the same.

Ivory goes with everything

There aren’t many colours that don’t go with classic quartz ivory, and that means you can decorate and then re-decorate several times before you will need to replace your countertops. Ivory, just like white and black, is one of those colours that you can pair with most other colours too, and that is the way forward for cost effective decorating.

You will always be in fashion if you choose ivory quartz

The glossy appearance of quartz is ideal anyway, but when combined with the timeless colour of classic quartz ivory, you will always be in fashion, and will probably be the envy of your neighbours when they call around for coffee.

Ivory quartz is very easy to clean

You might think that light colours are going to be a nightmare to keep clean, but that’s not really the case. If you can see a mess more clearly, you can clean it more effectively! Yes, a bright colour is going to show the dirt up, but you need to clean it anyway, so what does it matter?!

Ivory quartz is very widely available

You aren’t going to struggle to find ivory quartz, because a) quartz is a naturally occurring stone from the earth, which isn’t going to run out any time soon, and b) there are many different companies which offer quartz slabs and installation for a good price, so you have plenty of scope for shopping around and finding the best deal for you. Remember that if you go with a big named company you also get warranty, which gives you extra peace of mind on top of everything else.

Don’t shy away from going with a light colour when it comes to purchasing your next quartz countertop. Ivory is the perfect blend of light with a slight hint of dark, and in terms of fashion, you will certainly always be ‘in’!

Shop around, find the best deal for you, and once you have new countertop, be sure to look after it well. If you do this, your product will last you for much longer, reducing the need to re-buy and install after a short period of time.

Head online, check out various shades, shop around, and get purchasing!