5 Modern Quartz Marble Effect Colours

Quartz Marble

Are you looking for the perfect colour for your new marble-effect work surface? You have so much choice in front of you, you’re probably a little overwhelmed!

Do you go neutral? Do you go for something more modern? Do you go for something in-between? The options are endless!

Of course, it really depends on what else is going on around your work surface, because you need the colour to go with everything else. If you go for a shade which is particularly odd, e.g. an on-trend colour which doesn’t go with much else, you could find that you end up replacing your work surface earlier than you would have otherwise planned, because you want to redecorate and your current colour simply doesn’t match. This is not the best sensible option in terms of cost or time!

If you want to be bang on trend whilst remaining flexible however, here are five of the best modern quartz marble effect colours to choose from, whilst retaining those fantastic long-lasting, durable, and easy to look after advantages of opting for quartz.

Black – This is a colour which his always going to be in fashion, no matter what! You can opt for various shades of black, so you can go for a lighter colour if you want to; you don’t have to be going down the route of jet black if that is not what you want! There are also several finishes within the ‘black’ spectrum too, such as glittery finishes, and marble lines. Obviously, black is also a colour which goes with many other shades.

White – White is a fashion-forward choice, and one which is making many appearances in modern home magazines this year. You can team white with so many other colours, and it also reflects the light, which makes a smaller room look bigger. Again, you can go for plain, bright white, or you can go for something a little more muted or matte. White marble is one of the most iconic shades, but you can get the durability of quartz and the opulence of marble-effect if you go down this route.

Cream – If you’re a little scared of white, which some people are, cream is a good source of middle ground. Cream isn’t as bright, but still has that light reflecting quality. Cream marble effect really is a beautiful choice, and one which is also very flexible in terms of what it goes with. You can go for a modern combination if you opt for grey and cream, perhaps brown and cream, or even one of the coffee colours, with an opulent cream choice.

Aqua colours – If you really want to go for fashion looks, and you want to maintain an easy to work around colour scheme, the aqua shades of blue and green are great choices to go for. Team them with cream or white for a really beautiful option, and again, these will make smaller rooms appear larger too.

Grey – Super-modern, we have grey. Now, grey also encompasses many different shades, and you can go for a very dark shade of grey, almost black, or you can go for a very light shade, with those iconic marble veins running through. Team with cream, black, or other grey shades, and you have a very modern and edgy look.