5 Popular Porcelain Colours for Kitchen Countertops

Advantages of Porcelain Kitchen Worktops


Porcelain may not be the typical stone you would think of going for, when it comes to your home renovations, however it is a very good contender in the market. Porcelain comes with its own set of pros which give you a lengthy list of benefits.


Porcelain kitchen countertops are resistant to heat and damp which makes it perfect for food preparation areas. Furthermore, the material is incredibly hygienic and antibacterial so when it comes to preparing your food directly on the surface, you never have to worry about the cleanliness.


In addition, Porcelain is also scratch resistant, impact resistant, waterproof as well as being resistant to UV rays, so your worktop will never fade when in direct sunlight.


Porcelain Slabs Colours available at ClassicQuartzStone


#1 Calacata – Matte or Polished Finish


This elegant colour is simply one of the most beautiful Porcelain colours and designs that we have in stock at the moment. The base colour is off white with chunky grey markings throughout. These patterns on the countertop slab almost gives it an appearance that is similar to Marble.


#2 Basic Blanco – Matte or Polished Finish


As the Basic Blanco name suggests, this particular colour is plain white. Solid colours are perfect for homeowners who do not want busy patterns and want to keep it elegantly simple. This plain white countertop colour is perfect for those who are wanting to achieve that stunning, clean and fresh appearance in their kitchen design.
This colour comes in two different finishes, matte or polished. Matte offers a much more natural finish whereas polished gives that perfect shine.


#3 Lava Corten – Natural Finish


Lava Corten is a plain dark grey colour on the base with lighter grey markings throughout. This colour is beautifully on trend right now, so if you are looking for a stylish piece that will never go out of fashion, then grey is one of your best options. Grey is brilliantly and commonly paired with colours such as yellow, so it is a grey choice for those who are wanting to be bold in their design.


#4 Blue Stone – Natural Finish


Blue Stone is one of our black colours. It has a base colour of black underneath grey markings; these markings are very small and give off the appearance of freckle-like dots throughout. Black is one of those colours that will never go out of style and matches perfectly with every colour and shade out there.


#5 Basic Negro – Matte Finish


Our Basic Negro colour is plain black which comes in a Matte finish. If you are looking for a colour that you never have to worry about replacing if you switch up the design within your kitchen, then this is the one for you. Basic Negro will match with any colour or shade you can find! If you wish to switch your kitchens design every year, you can do so with Basic Negro. Whichever new accessories you decide to purchase, they will go perfectly with your kitchen countertop.