5 Popular Quartz Marble Range Colours for Worktops

Popular Quartz Marble Range Colours-for-Worktops

You are most probably here because you have either chosen Quartz Marble for your kitchen worktop material or you are seriously considering it. Whether you have made your decision or trying to see what you could get, we have the perfect selection of colours for you within our Quartz Marble range.
Our Quartz Marble range is simply beautiful and elegant. If you choose us to supply your Quartz Marble kitchen worktop then you will be getting a high quality, environmentally sensitive product. All of our kitchen worktops have been composed of 93% natural materials that include recycled glass and recycled stone.
Now that you are ready to start looking at the range of colours we have to offer, we have selected five of our most popular Quartz Marble worktops to give you some ideas.

M01 Calacatta

This classic and luxurious Quartz Marble worktop would be suitable for both small and large kitchens, as the main colour is white which has the light bouncing effect which has the ability of making your kitchen look bigger than it is. This white Quartz Marble worktop has a grey marble effect which would be perfect for any kitchen who has a bright and light colour theme or someone who wants a colour that will match all their accessories already.


Empire is one of our darker Quartz Marble worktops that would beabsolutely perfect for any kitchen regardless of size or current colour theme. The main colour is black, which is great for matching any other colour theme that you currently have or if you wish to redecorate in the future. Black is great for anyone who likes to redecorate often or switch their colour theme and kitchen accessories as you will never have to worry about finding a colour to match or changing your worktop again – once this has been fitted there’s no reason why you should have to change it in the future. The black main colour has been paired with a golden marble effect to finish off the look which offers a feeling of luxury and elegance.


This Quartz Marble kitchen worktop colour is one of our most popular choices because grey is on trend and sought after within home renovations. Grey can be matched up with a huge number of colours so you don’t have to narrow down your choices for selecting a new colour theme or new kitchen accessories. Grey can actually open more doors and give you more choices on how you can decorate your kitchen which is often the heart of the home. This grey Quartz Marble worktop has been given a black and brown marble effect to finish it off and give it that classic look.

Vanilla Sky

Vanilla Sky is one of our lightest colours within our Quartz Marble range, which is absolutely perfect for anyone who is looking to bring in some light to their kitchen. Vanilla Sky is a creamy colour with a brown marble effect that almost appears to be golden in shade. This particular colour is great for anyone not wanting to go white but still wants that luxurious appeal that comes along with it and the flexibility for choosing a colour theme now and in the future for any redesigns. As with most of our colours within this range, they are fantastic for anyone who likes to change their colour themes and accessories every couple of years to keep on trend, but with this particular colour you will never have to worry about changing your kitchen worktop again or trying to find a colour that will match perfectly.


Verona is an off grey colour that has a hint of brown along with smaller white speckles throughout the slab. This is one of our only kitchen worktop products within the range that does not follow the classic Marble effect look, instead its pattern is made up by the speckles. Verona is perfect for anyone who is looking for a dark colour to go within their kitchen but they are not wanting to go as dark as black, this particular colour has a lot of flexibility in terms of choosing kitchen accessories which is perfect for anyone who likes to change these around quite often.