5 Tips to Polish a Quartz Work Surface to Make it Shine

Quartz is one of the best materials when it comes to maintenance you can find on the market. It is really easy to clean because it has a sleek surface and it is highly resistant to staining. It doesn’t need sealing, unlike many other work surfaces. Although quartz is very easy to maintain, some tips will make your surfaces even more hygienic and shiny. Continue reading and find out the top 5 tips to make your quartz work surfaces shiny.

1. Clean it regularly

For day to day cleaning, it is best to use mild soap and water. Just make some soapy water and using a soft cloth wipe your surfaces. Remove the soapsuds with a clean damped cloth. Cleaning your surfaces regularly will make them not only shiny but also highly hygienic.

2. Use the glass cleaner

From time to time, you can use the glass cleaner to deeply clean your surfaces. Just spray a bit of the cleaner on your surfaces and wipe them with a soft damped cloth. Glass cleaner will remove all residue from your worktops and make them very shiny.

3. Avoid harsh cleaners

Avoid all household cleaners that contain bleach or ammonia. Such cleaners can make your surfaces dull and ware off their shine. Instead, for day to day cleaning, just use a mild soap and water.

4. Vinegar and water

Vinegar can be a great cleaner when mixed with water in a rough 1:3 ratio. This is a quick solution that can make your quartz work surfaces highly hygienic. However, we don’t recommend cleaning with this method very often, no more than once per week. This cleaning solution will not only remove the entire mineral residue from your surfaces but also make them very shiny afterwards.

5. Use special cleaners

There are special professional quartz cleaners targeted for a certain kind of residue. To remove grease, use a degreasing cleaner. For removing stains from markers, use rubbing alcohol. To remove stubborn stains like coffee or wine, use an adhesive cleaner. All these cleaners will make a targeted place cleaner than it was before, but also very shiny afterwards.

Following these simple tips will make your surfaces as brand new even after many years of use. Not only that your quartz will look shiny, but it will also be highly hygienic for prepping meals and everyday use.

Need more information about the maintenance of quartz work surfaces? Feel free to contact us for free advice.