6 Things You Should Know About Classic Quartz Stone

Classic Quartz Stone

Classic Quartz Stone is incredibly popular with home and commercial renovations because of its advantages. You have most probably found this article because you are thinking of using Classic Quartz and during this article we will offer you some bits of information that we feel are essential to knowing before purchasing.
Here are our top 6 things that we think you should know about Classic Quartz stone slabs before you make the decision to purchase it (or not) for your home renovations.

Heat Resistant

While Classic Quartz Stone is incredibly heat resistant, more so than a range of other stone surfaces such as marble and granite, it should still be treated carefully. Your Classic Quartz Stone slabs can still be damaged under sudden changes in temperature so you should avoid placing any hot pans directly onto the surface.

Scratch Resistant

While Classic Quartz Stone is incredibly scratch resistant, it can still be scratched and damaged with sharp objects. So, when you are using your slabs, you should take great care when avoiding contact between your slabs and any sharp objects such as knives.

Less Expensive Alternative

Classic Quartz Stone is a great alternative to other stone surfaces as it is much cheaper and is maintenance free. Not only will you save on the price you pay per square foot, you will also save money in long-term costs.

Chemicals to Avoid

When using your Classic Quartz Stone slabs, you should be aware of what types of chemicals to steer away from and avoiding direct contact between them and your slabs. Strong chemicals are able to damage Classic Quartz Stone permanently. Products to stay away from are ones that contain Methylene chloride and Trichlorethane, you should also not use products that have a pH level of 8.5 or higher.

Low Maintenance

Unlike other stone surfaces, Classic Quartz Stone is maintenance free in terms of long-term costings and special upkeep. Stone surfaces such as Marble require regular sealing, however Classic Quartz does not need this. All you need to do to keep your Classic Quartz looking beautiful is to clean it using soft soap and non-scratch cleaning pads.

Mimics Other Stones

Classic Quartz Stone is able to mimic the look of a variety of other stones as it is made up of 93% natural quartz and 7% polymer resins. We use a mixture of glass chips, mirror chips, granite, pigments and christobalite in order to achieve the looks that we do. Our Classic Quartz Stone slabs are available in a variety of colours because of the materials we use when creating the slabs.

Hopefully this article has helped you in your quest for finding the perfect stone to use for your home renovations and that you are now one step closer to making your decision. As you can see, Classic Quartz stone has plenty of advantages and reasons as to why you should choose it within the work being completed in your home or commercial property.