8 Modern Quartz Marble Effect Colours for Classic Kitchens

Quartz marble effect is a great way to introduce modern-looking material to your kitchen, without having to commit to marble which can be hard to maintain. Quartz is a manufactured stone, made of natural quartz, resins and pigments. When it is manufactured, the pigments are added to it to change its colour and add patterns. This is how quartz can look like marble and the imitations are very realistic. Along with that, you will get a long-lasting material that is stain resistant, very durable and easy to maintain. Quartz also has a wide colour range in which we have picked out 8 that will be excellent choices for classic kitchens.

1. Calacatta Vegle

Calacatta Vegle has a white background and thin grey veining. The veining creates a unique picture on the background which is unrepeatable. This colour is a classic choice that will pair well with any colour of the cabinets.

2. Crete

Crete is a light-toned grey with an interesting pattern. Its pattern looks like the turbulent sea for up far. This colour will make a perfect combination with light-toned or white cabinets. It will also make your kitchen brighter and looking more spacious than it is.

3. Marbre Carrara

Carrara is one of the most famous marble types recognizable by the blurry background and veining. Quartz with marble Carrara effect is no different. This one has a cool white background with subtle splashes of colour.

4. Roma Black

Black is a classic colour choice and it is always in fashion. Roma Black is pitch black with thin white veining. The veining is very bold because it is in high contrast with the background colour.

5. Roma Grey

If you liked the idea of Roma Black, but you find it too bold, Roma Grey can be a nice alternative for you. They have similar patterns, only Roma Grey has a light-toned grey background. This colour will be excellent in monochromatic kitchens.

6. Statuario Milan

This colour has a white background and blurry grey veining. It has an interesting pattern that slowly disappears into the background. The combination with dark-toned cabinets will give excellent results.

7. Leros

Leros is a lightly toned pinky-white with subtle grey veining. This is the perfect choice for small-sized kitchens because it will make them look cosy and romantic.

8. Catania

Catania is dark grey with thin, dark veining. It also has a granulated pattern which is making it look robust and rough. That kind of pattern is making Catania a perfect choice for classic contemporary kitchens.

No matter which quartz colour with marble effect you choose, it will be a great substitute for real marble. You will have the same effect, but with some improved characteristics. Quartz countertops are also more affordable and will last you longer.

Need more help in choosing the right colour for your classic kitchen? Please feel free to contact us.