8 Things You Should Know About Calacata Porcelain Slabs


Quartz Marble effect is one of the most sought-after materials when it comes to home renovating. If you want a stunning, timeless beauty then Marble effect stone can be one of your best options. Calacatta marble effect is one of the most popular slabs within the Marble range category for homes. But why spend out for the real deal when there is Calacata Porcelain slabs on the market?
Before you go ahead and purchase Calacata Porcelain slabs for your home, here are some things you should know.​

#1 Finishes that are Available​​ 

When you are looking into which Calacata Porcelain slab you would like within your home, the finishing you include can drastically improve and change the overall appearance. You are able to choose from both matte and polished finishes, depending on your style and taste.

#2 Range of Sizes​​ 

When it comes to sizing up your house, regardless of how big or small you may need the Calacata Porcelain slabs to be, the chances are there will be the perfect size available to order.

#3 Versatile​​ 

Calacata Porcelain slabs have many uses so there is no reason why you should be limited with what you want to use it for. Giving you so much freedom for your home renovating, Calacata Porcelain can be used in a wide range of places including bathroom walls, work surfaces, shower walls, flooring and so much more.

#4 The Appearance​​ 

But what makes Calacata so popular in the first place? Calacata comes with a unique blend of grey, white and golds that are flowing throughout the veining. This particular slab offers nothing less than elegant beauty that will last a lifetime.

#5 Budget-Friendly​​ 

Porcelain may not be the cheapest material on Earth, it is cheaper than other stone types. For those who are wanting a beautiful stone to use around their home but cannot afford the price tag that is attached to Calacata Marble, this is just what you are looking for. You will get all the benefits of Calacatta as well as the advantages of Porcelain too – win-win!

#6 Uniformed in Appearance​​ 

While Calacata Porcelain has been designed and manufactured to have the appearance of Calacatta Marble, it will be slightly different butdepending on what you are looking for, it could be either a great or bad thing.
Calacatta Porcelain will be uniformed in appearance as it has been man made and engineered, so do not expect to find your slabs looking unique to each other.

#7 Differently Different​​ 

While, of course, Calacata Porcelain is superb for those who cannot afford the real deal with Calacatta Marble, it is in no way a direct replacement. Anyone who is looking for Calacatta Marble will spot the differences a mile away, however Porcelain still offers stunning beauty with all the benefits of being waterproof, low maintenance and much more.

#8 More Advantages​​ 

With Calacata Porcelain, not only are you going to be paying much less but you will also be getting many more benefits too. Your surface will remain waterproof, stain and scratch resistant for its entire lifespan and never needing to be re-sealed or having any treatment whatsoever. Therefore, you will be saving money in the long run as well as with the initial purchase.