While we want our floors to be durable and easy to maintain, we also want them to be beautiful and add special value to our kitchen. One material that can give all that is quartz. Quartz has a very wide colour selection and you will have no problems finding your perfect one. Its resistance to staining is unmatched and it provides great durability. For some inspiration please check out our quartz marble range, premier range, classic range, brillo range or quartz bookmatch range.

1. Consider the style

Your tiles should match the style of your kitchen, no matter if it is rustic or contemporary. There are also colours that will go well with any style. Such colours are neutral and unobtrusive.

2. Consider what the focal point is

Floors don’t need to be a neutral background to your kitchen; in fact, they can be the focal point of it. You should decide for yourself what you like better for you flooring- to be the main star or the backing vocal. Both options are good, but you should choose one or the other, otherwise, it can be too much.

3. Consider the size of your kitchen

The size of your kitchen can affect your colour selection. If you have a small sized kitchen, you can choose a colour that is light and bright, because it will make your kitchen look bigger. On the other hand, if you have a big kitchen and you don’t want it to look bigger than it already is, you should choose a colour that is darker.

4. Consider mixing and matching

You don’t need to choose just one colour for your kitchen floors. You can choose two and create your own patterns. For example, you can choose a darker colour for the edges of your kitchen and a lighter one for the rest.

5. Consider the budget

The prices for quartz tiles differ from colour to colour. Your budget can be a big factor in the choosing of the colour.

6. Inform about the material

Before you decide to go with any material, you should inform about its pros and cons. Also, you should inform beforehand how to maintain them. Quartz is very easily cleaned with just soap and water. It doesn’t need sealing, unlike many other materials.

Following these simple steps will ensure that you are choosing the best colour for your new kitchen tiles. Since quartz tiles are very durable and will last you for decades, it is important to choose the colour that you really like. But if you can’t decide, you can always choose neutral colours like white or beige that will match well with everything.

Need more information about the quartz tiles and their range? Please, feel free to contact us to find out everything you need to know.