How to Disinfect Quartz Worktops & Countertops?


With the everyday threat of Covid-19, disinfecting your worktops, especially kitchen ones, is a necessity. Doing this daily will keep you and your family safe, but also make the worktops highly hygienic and suitable for food preparation and consumption. IF you were wondering how to disinfect your quartz worktops, continue reading to find out.

What should you use?

It is highly likely you already have in your household everything you need for disinfection. The first solution is soap and water. The other one is isopropyl alcohol, commonly known as rubbing alcohol. Both solutions will kill all viruses and germs and keep you safe.

How to disinfect quartz worktops?

Disinfecting quartz worktops is easy when you follow these steps. It also doesn’t take long and will make your quartz countertops very clean afterwards. Not only that your countertops will be highly hygienic, but they will also restore their shine and beauty.

1. Clear the worktops
Remove all the décor, dishes, table covers and similar items from your worktops before you start cleaning.

2. Remove build-up
Firstly go over your worktops with a soft cloth to remove any crumbs, build-up and dirt. If the buildup has hardened, pour a bit of water on it and then remove it with a cloth.

3. Apply the cleaning solution
Depending on the solution you decide to go for, you can use a sprayer or a container. A sprayer is recommended for rubbing alcohol and water mixture. Just spray the solution evenly across the surface.
If you use water and soap, pour a bit of water into the container and make the soapsuds. Use s soft cloth to distribute the solution onto the surfaces.

4. Wipe the surfaces
Wipe the surfaces with a damped cloth. Pass over the same area several times to make sure you have reached every centimetre of your worktops. Make sure there is no residue before the final step.

5. Use a dry cloth
Water attracts germs, so it is best to dry the surfaces by hand. Use a dry soft cloth to remove the excess water. You can also use a paper towel instead. When you complete these steps, your surfaces will be hygienic and ready for food preparation and consumption.

During the pandemic, it is especially important to disinfect your surfaces regularly and make them as hygienic as possible. Disinfecting will also kill other bacteria and viruses, such as Salmonella or Coli, which can be found in raw meat. Therefore, it is advised to clean your surfaces after preparing meals, but also after their consumption.

Need more advice about cleaning and disinfecting your quartz surfaces, please red more on our care and maintenance section.