10 Maintenance Tips for Quartz Countertops


Quartz has been known as one of the easiest materials for countertops when it comes to maintaining. This is one of the reasons why more and more homeowners choose quartz stone over other materials. We have decided to make the maintenance of quartz countertops even easier for you, with the best tips to help you out.READ MORE

10 Tips to Choose the Right Quartz Colour for Your Worktops


Have you already decided to go with quartz for your kitchen or bathroom remodel, but you have doubts about the colour choice? Quartz has a very wide colour palette, which can give you hard times because there are many options to choose from. We have decided to help you and bring you the best tips on how to choose the right quartz colour for your worktops.

1. Consider what you already have

One colour can be pretty repetitive at your home décor and you haven’t even noticed it. That particular colour is probably the safest choice to go.READ MORE

Porcelain vs Quartz Stone – All You Need to Know

Quartz and granite are most often referred to as the ‘most durable countertops’ but we shouldn’t forget about the strength and quality of porcelain slabs too. Although porcelain has been known for centuries, it recently became very popular for kitchen and bathroom countertops.

Quartz has been also on the rise for the past several years, because of the many advantages it comes with. Here’s the overview of the characteristics of both materials, which can help you decide the best choice for you.READ MORE

Quartz Marble Effect Stone – Pros & Con


Quartz is a manufactured product, made of 93% natural quartz and 7% resin and pigments. Because of this, quartz can be altered to have the effect of marble, while keeping the characteristics of its own.

We are bringing you top pros and cons of quartz marble effect stone, to help you vague whether that’s the right choice for you.READ MORE

Is Quartz Good for Bathroom Countertops? Top Pros & Cons

detail of washbasin in a modern bathroom with television and large mirror

Quartz is an engineered stone, made of 93% natural quartz and 7% resin and pigments. The fact that quartz is a man-made product means that it can be altered to have improved characteristics than natural stones. This also means that the colour of quartz can be modified with pigments in order to have more unusual colours that can’t be found in nature.

Quartz is very often used for kitchen countertops, but it can be also used in bathrooms. Continue reading to find out about the advantages and disadvantages of quartz bathroom countertops.READ MORE

8 Facts about Quartz Worktops You Need To Know Now


Quartz has become for the past several years one of the main options for kitchen and bathroom worktops. The fact that it can have the appearance of marble, but with improved characteristics, has made quartz one of the most sought-out solutions for kitchens and bathrooms.

Thinking about quartz worktops for kitchen or bathroom? Here is what you should know about quartz before ordering.

1. Quartz is a man-made product

Quartz is an engineered stone, a combination of 93% natural quartz and 7% resin and pigments. This means that quartz can be composed to have characteristics that natural stones don’t have. Because of this colour options with quartz are countlessREAD MORE

20 Popular Quartz Stone Colours for Work Surface


Quartz is an engineered product that can be composed to have the appearance of other natural stones, like marble and granite. Quartz has the most versatile range of colours, patterns and finishes out of all materials used for work surfaces. It can have veining like marble or granulation like granite, or it can have a solid surface. The finishes can be matte and glossy.

We are picking up the top choices of quartz stone styles and colours, to help you decide which one is for you.

1. Café
Café is a warm-toned brown with a solid surface. It is part of the Classic range.READ MORE

10 Tips & Tricks for Quartz Stone Maintenance


Natural stone is always a trend, but when it comes to maintaining and cleaning, it can give you hard times. Therefore, manufacturers have developed composite materials, to improve the overall quality of the product. One of these products is quartz.
Here are the best tricks on how to maintain your quartz slabs that will make your everyday life easier.

Cleaning routine

For day to day cleaning, quartz is easy to clean. Daily clean up is easily handled, with just soap, water and a soft rag. Mild detergent can be used too. Wipe the slabs once a day, if possible.

Deep cleaning
Occasionally, use a glass cleaner for deep cleaning. Spray the cleaner on your quartz slabs, let it sit for a few minutes, then rinse it off with a wet cloth.

Wipe up spills as soon as possible
To avoid stains, clean the spills with hot water and soap as soon as possible. Pay special attention to wipe up spilt coffee, wine and tea immediately, because these liquids can leave a permanent stain on the slabs.

Removing tough stains
Use an adhesive remover to clean up the stains. Pour a bit of cleaner on the stain, let it sit for 5 to 10 minutes. Splash the cleaner on a cloth, and gently remove the stain. Once the stain is removed, clean the slabs well with warm water. Your slabs should be as good as new if you follow these steps.

Use a cutting board
Although quartz is highly scratch resistant, it is not scratch proof. Using a cutting board will also prevent unnecessary scratches, but also avoid dulling the knives.

Use a mat
Quartz can resist temperatures up to 150°C, but it can be damaged by quick temperature changes. Never place a hot pot directly on the surface; place it on the mat or trivet. We recommend placing a hot pad or trivet under electric skillets, toaster and other electric devices.

Avoid excessive force
Dropping heavy object out of hand can chip and fracture quartz slabs.

Avoid harsh cleaners
Highly acidic and alkaline cleaners can damage the surface of the quartz slabs. Cleansers to avoid are oven cleaner, bleach, drain cleaners, dishwasher rinsing agents, trichloroethane or methylene chloride. If any of these comes in contact with your quartz slabs, rinse the surface with water, which will neutralize the effect of harsh cleansers.

Dried dunk
Use a putty knife to remove hardened spills or buildup. Use a wet cloth to remove any marks of the residue.

Removing grease
Use a degreasing cleanser that does not contain bleach. Spray your slabs with degreasing cleanser and rinse off with a wet rag.

Proper maintenance and cleaning can help prolong the replacement life of the quartz countertop. Following these simple steps and tricks will ensure your quartz slabs look as good as new, even after many years. To find out more about our quartz stone range, contact us here.

Pros and Cons for Quartz Stone Shower Walls

Classic Quartz

Quartz is an engineered product, containing 93% of natural quartz and 7% of resin and pigment. The fact that it is a man-made product means that it can be arranged to have the appearance of similar natural stones like granite or marble, allowing home designers and homeowners to customize the design. Quartz can give your bathroom a modern vibe while lasting a lifetime. But there are some things to considerate before deciding to go with the quartz shower wall. Here are the advantages and disadvantages of quartz stone shower walls.


Contemporary design
Quartz stone shower walls can give your bathroom a very sleek and minimalist design. The fact that it is used by the designers when designing top-notch bathroom hotels speaks for itself. Quartz shower wall will make you feel in your bathroom as in a five-star hotel.

One of the best advantages of quartz slabs is that it can look like other materials while keeping the physical advantages of quartz. Quartz comes in various patterns, finishes and colours. Quartz can look like marble, leather or gravel and have various colours from classic white to red. You can choose from the glossy or matte finish. The veining can be fine or distinctive, but can also be without veining. It is really up to you to choose from various options.

Quartz slabs have a non-porous surface, which means bacteria and germs can’t lodge. Because of the nature of its surface, it is also water resistant. Quartz won’t chip or break easily. With proper maintenance, it will last you a lifetime.

Low maintenance
Quartz slabs are very easy to maintain and clean. Cleaning can be handled with only water and soap. You may occasionally use glass cleaner for deep cleaning.


More expensive for vertical slabs than horizontal
While the cost of the material remains the same, the installations process of the vertical slabs is a bit harder, therefore more expensive.

Chemical sensibility
Avoid highly acidic or alkaline cleaning agents in your cleaning routine, which can damage the surface of the quartz shower wall. Instead, use water and mild detergent, or soap.

Quartz weights far more than the traditional bathroom materials like tiles. Although for shower walls the thickest quartz slabs are used (1 cm slab), it is much heavier then tiles. Before installing a quartz shower wall, you need to make sure that the supporting structure can handle it.

Quartz slabs are very popular for a good reason: they give a contemporary look, are very durable and easy to maintain. Quartz shower wall will give your bathroom a polished and extravagant appearance. There are numerous options to choose from to fit everyone’s needs.
To find out more about our quartz stone range, contact us here.

11 Quartz Marble Range Colours for Kitchen Surfaces

Classic Quartz vs Marble

Choosing the perfect colour for quartz kitchen worktop can be a hard process because there are so many options to choose from. We have decided to make your life a bit easier and present to you the top 11 quartz marble range colours for kitchen surfaces.

Vanilla Sky
Vanilla Sky is on the warmer colour palette with a pale yellow veined pattern. It is well combined with dark wood cabinets and darker flooring for a contrast or with a beige colour for harmony. Either way, the vanilla sky is a classic that is easy to combine with.

Calacatta Milan
A classic white leaning on the cool side of the colour palette with distinct veins that make this style recognizable and unique. Pair it with black cabinets, or white with black for detailing and accenting.

Empire is a very dark grey, almost black with yellowy-grey veins. Perfect colour for the brave and bold ones. Well combined with white oak wood cabinets.

Zivas Marfil
If you like even surfaces without any veins, Zivas Marfil is the right choice for you. It is light grey, which makes it perfect to combine with almost anything.

Palazzo is a darker grey with very pronounced black and yellow veins. It is combined well with light wood colours for cabinets or flooring. Can be used for a kitchen island as an accent.

Olympia is a classic cool-toned white with high shine and grey veins. Well paired with any kind of wood.

Statuario Milan
Similar to Calacatta Milan, but the veins of the Statuaro Milan are leaning on the blue side of the colour palette. Combine it similarly to Calacatta Milan.

Verona is another style that has no veins. It is a mid-toned grey that is combined the best with lighter wood but can also be combined with similar-toned cabinets for a uniformed style.

San Vincente
San Vincente is one of the most popular styles for kitchen worktops and for a good reason. It has very fine, inconspicuous greyish veins.

Another south out style, calacatta is a crisp white with very bold grey veins. Best used as an accent on a kitchen island, but also looks great as an only material used on your kitchen countertops.

Marbre Cararra
Marble Cararra is a great replacement for Calacatta is you don’t like very bold veining. Marbre Cararra veining is blurred and therefore less prominent.

New York
The richest in veining out all of the mentioned. It is dark grey with gold, grey and white veins. Combined well with lighter wood cabinets, like bamboo wood.

Physical advantages of a engineered quartz combined with the appearance of marble will take your kitchen to the next level. The durability of quartz and the elegance of marble make a great combination.

Have you already decided which style you like the most? If the answer is yes, contact us now!