Porcelain Slabs for Kitchen Surfaces – Pros & Cons

Porcelain Slabs for Kitchen Surfaces

Porcelain slabs have been growing in popularity in the recent years, because it comes with its own long list of advantages. However, as with everything, porcelain is not without its downfalls either.
We will discuss why Porcelain is a great choice for any home while highlighting some of the cons of Porcelain too. Hopefully, this overview will give you all the information you need to decide whether Porcelain is for you.

Pros to Porcelain Slabs

Porcelain comes readily available in a big range of colours, finishes and patterns to suit many different personalities and styles. The varied pigmentation of Porcelain’s raw materials is what creates the selection of colours that you have to choose from. When it comes to the finishes, the pigmentation is what gives the Porcelain the look of natural stone that may contain veining.

Furthermore, the appearance that you are able to achieve with Porcelain will never fade over the years. Porcelain slabs are UV resistant which simply means that wherever you install your Porcelain slabs, the sunlight will never make a difference or fade your surface over time.

  • Porcelain is also perfect for being placed within the kitchen areas or anywhere around the home where harsh chemicals and food are likely to be used often. Porcelain offers you a stain resistant surface and ease of mind in terms of being simple to keep clean.
  • Additionally, Porcelain is also scratch resistant which is great for kitchen areas where there is likely to be sharp and heavy objects used daily such as knives and scissors.
  • Porcelain slabs are also available in larger sizes too, unlike many other materials out there on the market. Porcelain gives you complete flexibility as you are able to purchase just one single slab for your kitchen where possible, so it removes the need for fusing multiple slabs together.
  • Lastly, Porcelain is perfect when it comes to being handled which is a huge bonus for both the homeowner and manufacturer. Porcelain is great for being installed as it can be cut and handled with ease, which makes for a quick and easy process.

Cons of Porcelain Slabs

However, Porcelain is not without some cons either. Porcelain can be chipped and cracked, despite how durable the surface is so you cannot rely on Porcelain being indestructible. However, it will take much more force to damage Porcelain than any natural stone surface out there.