Pros and Cons of Porcelain Countertops for Bathrooms


Porcelain is quickly growing in popularity, especially when it comes to the bathroom. The reason why? Because porcelain slabs come with many pros, and not too many cons at all.

To help with your search for the perfect material, hopefully this article can outline some of the reasons why porcelain should be on your list to consider. At ClassicQuartzStone we will give you a lot of the information you need to make an informed decision as to whether porcelain is for you and your home.

Pros of Porcelain

#1 Range of Colours

One of the best things about porcelain is that it is available in a huge range of colours, patterns and even finishes. In porcelain, the varied pigmentation of the raw materials is what creates its range of colours that gives you the entire rainbow to choose from. The pigmentation gives porcelain its appearance of a natural stone, by featuring veining such as marble.

#2 UV Resistant

If you are looking to place your new porcelain around your bathroom where the sun will directly hit, then you do not ever have to worry as porcelain is completely UV resistant. This means that the porcelain will never fade in the sun, leaving your bathroom looking as new as the day you bought it. Whether your porcelain is in direct sunlight or not, this will have no impact onto the colouring over time.

#3 Range of Sizes

Unlike many other materials out there on the market, porcelain comes available in a range of sizes. You are able to purchase in large slab sizes, as well as smaller. This will give the homeowner the opportunity to be flexible with the home renovation projects. The range in sizes will also remove the need for fusing multiple slabs together, giving a much more seamless look.

#4 Great with Products

Around the bathroom you will likely be using a range of chemicals from cleaning to beauty and there will no doubt be a few spillages from time to time. Porcelain is perfect for areas in the home where you are likely to be having harsh chemicals or even food items that can stain surfaces. By purchasing porcelain, you will have complete peace of mind knowing that most chemicals will not affect the porcelain at all.

#5 Scratch Resistant

As well as being stain resistant, porcelain is scratch resistant which is perfect for any areas around the home where there is likely to be sharp objects such as razors. Having a surface that is scratch resistant is vital, especially if you have a family home with little ones running around. Even if you will not necessarily have sharp objects, its important for harder objects falling too.

#6 Great for Installation

Porcelain is such a perfect stone when it comes to being installed, which makes life so much easier for both the buyer and manufacturer. Porcelain is great when it comes to being handled and fitted which makes it such a quick process. Your porcelain will be able to be cut so easily within the factory, resulting in the delivery and installation process to be completed efficiently.

Cons of Porcelain

Unfortunately, as with everything, porcelain is not without its downfalls. However, it does not come with many at all which is why it is such a popular stone at the moment and is rising in popularity.

Despite porcelain being scratch resistant, it is not invincible. Porcelain is able to be chipped or cracked, depending on how hard it is hit so you cannot completely relax when things get dropped. However, you can relax a little as it will take a lot of force and weight to damage porcelain when compared to natural stones.