Smart Ways to Clean Black Quartz Stone Work Surfaces

Black Quartz Stone Work Surfaces

When you choose a black quartz stone work surface for your kitchen or your bathroom, you have a very sparkly, opulent, and attractive choice in front of you. Of course, everything needs cleaning on a regular basis, no matter what it is, but the plus point of black quartz is that it is so easy to do!

Whether you have gone for a jet black, mid black, or light black, and whether you have a pattern included, a matte finish, or a gloss to your work surface, cleaning it is exactly the same regardless.

Here are a few cleaning tips to help you through.

Avoid anything harsh in terms of cleaning solutions – Anything which contains ammonia, bleach, or any other chemical, should be avoided at all costs. Quartz is a very strong stone, but if you use harsh chemicals on a regular basis, you may begin to see a breakdown of the surface over time.

Avoid anything abrasive – Cleaning cloths and sponges should not be of the scouring pad type. Whilst quartz is highly scratch resistant, if you are regularly dragging a scouring pad across the surface, it’s going to mark eventually, and will show up more on black.

Stick to warm, soapy water – We mentioned not using anything harsh in terms of cleaning solutions, so what are you supposed to use? Warm soapy water will do the trick quite easily, and saves you cash too!

Stick to soft cloths – Again, if you can’t use abrasive cloths, what can you use? Soft cloths will do the trick here and won’t cause any damage.

Have one cloth for cleaning and one cloth for buffing – Have one wet cloth for cleaning the surface carefully and one dry one for buffing the surface clean, without any smears. Black is quite difficult to keep smear free without the buffing action, especially in natural light.

Clean regularly to keep your surface in top condition – Just because the surface is black, it doesn’t mean you can get away with hiding mess! Clean your worktop every time you cook on it, and if not, every day, to keep it in the best condition.

Use worktop savers just in case – Yes, quartz is highly scratch and heat resistant, but that doesn’t mean you should put it to the regular test! Use chopping boards and heat saving pads for your hot pans. Buy some funky ones which complement the style of your kitchen and you’ll have an even better appearance.

Clean up any spillages as they happen – If you do happen to spill anything on your worktop, simply clean it up when it happens, and you won’t have any issues. Quartz is very highly stain resistant, because it is non-porous, but if you repeatedly leave acidic spillages to sit on the surface, there is going to be an issue over time.

If you follow these steps, you will find that your beautiful black quartz stone work surface will remain in top condition for a long time to come. The fact you have chosen such an attractive colour and style for your kitchen space will obviously mean you want to look after it too – clean regularly, don’t use anything harsh, treat it with care and attention, and there will be no problems for a considerable length of time.