Top 5 Popular Quartz Premier Range Colours

Quartz Premier Range

Seeing as you are now looking into our Quartz Premier range and what colours we have on offer, you have most probably already set yourself to purchase a Quartz stone product. If you have, then you have made a great decision. Quartz stone is well-known for being low maintenance and not requiring much more upkeep than your general daily cleaning routines, unlike other natural stones such as Marble which require regular sealing.

Quartz is non-porous which means that it is not only hygienic, which makes it perfect for bathrooms and kitchens, but it also means that it is stain proof. When the inevitable happens and you spill something on Quartz it will never soak into the stone and therefore will not leave a stain. This is another reason why Quartz is so popular, it offers a beautiful appearance as well as practicality.
As you are considering buying Quartz, you may need some help choosing which colour to go for. So, here is our list of our top 5 most popular Quartz colours for our premier range.

Platino Gris Noir

Platino Gris Noir is one of our black colours of Quartz within our premier range. It adds a touch of luxury to your home and the appearance is finished off with black and white speckles throughout the stone.

M26 Tarragona

M26 Tarragona is one of our grey Quartz colours which has almost more of a silver appearance to it. Grey is such an on trend colour at the moment as it goes great with yellow and almost any other colour or shade out there. Grey is such a good choice for people who like to change their colour themes often. The M26 Tarragona is finished off with a darker pattern throughout.

Platino Gris

Platino Gris is one of our darkest grey colours within our premier range. It offers a beautiful look to any home and is finished off with black and white speckles, which would look perfect within a colour theme that consists of black and white accessories to bring out those colours.


Milano is another one of our grey colours within our Quartz premier range. Milano is almost a solid grey colour, with touches of white that can be seen throughout the pattern. This colour would be great for anyone not looking for a busy pattern and something more simple.


Ibiza is yet another one of our grey colours and as you can see grey is definitely a popular colour at the moment as it goes well with almost any other colour out there. Ibiza is finished off with a black pattern throughout the stone.

We hope that this article has helped you with your decision making process when it comes to choosing which colours you would like for your home renovation projects. As you can see grey and black are two of the most popular colours out there at the moment and they are very on trend as they can match almost any other colour or shade.