Why Choose Quartz Carrara Marble for Kitchen Work Surfaces?


Quartz is well-known for having the ability to imitate other materials, like marble. Carrara is one of the most famous and popular marble styles in the world. It has a white surface with dark grey veining. Having this style produced in quartz is possible because quartz is manufactured stone. Not only that you will have a marble looking effect, but you will also have improved characteristics that marble doesn’t have. Here are the top advantages why you should consider quartz Marbre Carrara for your kitchen work surfaces.

1. It will add luxury and elegance to your kitchen

This style is a timeless option that will look beautiful with any kitchen style and no matter the cabinet colour. It will become the centrepiece of your kitchen and its accent.

2. Quartz is very easy to maintain

Quartz’s beauty is very easy to maintain- all you will need is a soft cloth, water and soap. Additionally, this material does not need sealing, unlike many other kitchen work surfaces.

3. Quartz is non-porous

This means that quartz work surfaces can’t absorb water and liquids, which is of great importance in kitchens. Quartz is almost impossible to stain because of this characteristic; if you spill something, it will just sit on top of it, without absorbing.

4. Very durable

Quartz ranks 7th on the Mohl’s scale of hardest materials- it is one of the hardest materials that can be found in nature. This means that your quartz work surfaces will not break or crack due to accident drop of an object.

5. Smart investment

This material is very long-lasting; it can last you for ages without any trace of use. Investing in quartz work surfaces is a smart choice because this material is sturdy, long-lasting and its beauty will not fade over time.

6. Can be used for other purposes

Quartz Carrara Marble is not just an excellent choice for kitchen work surfaces, but also for bathroom countertops, floors and shower walls. The only downside is that quartz is restricted to indoor use only.

7. It is easy to combine

This style goes well with cabinets of any colour. The combinations with lightly toned cabinets will give elegance to your kitchen, while combinations with dark toned cabinets will give more modern and contrasted look. Any combination will look good with it and it is just up to you to decide what you prefer.

No wonder quartz kitchen work surfaces are so popular today; they have excellent characteristics that are of value in kitchens while giving elegance and luxury. Coming in Carrara marble style, it will give an immense beauty that will look good in both traditional and modern style kitchens. It is a classic choice that will not go out of fashion and its beauty will not fade over time.

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