10 Easy Ways to Clean Quartz Marble Look Work Surfaces


When it comes to cleaning and maintaining, quartz is one of the easiest materials you can get for work surfaces. Quartz is, in fact, a non-porous surface that doesn’t absorb liquids which makes it highly resistant to staining. On the other hand, marble is not that resistant to staining and that’s when quartz marble look comes in handy. Quartz will look as beautiful as real marble, but it will not get stained. Even then, some tips can make the cleaning even easier and your work surfaces even shinier. Continue reading and find out our 10 tips and tricks.

1. Daily cleaning

For daily cleaning, you can use only soap and water. This solution will be enough to remove all the bacteria or residue from everyday use. Just make some soapy water and wipe your work surfaces with a soft cloth.

2. Use glass cleaner

Glass cleaner is one of the solutions you can use to deep cleaning your surfaces. This cleaner will remove all the grease and spills, leaving a smooth and shiny surface behind.

3. Use vinegar and water

A mix of vinegar and water is also good for deeply cleaning the worktops, but also for removing dried spills from liquids. Combine equal parts of vinegar and water and wipe the worktops with this solution.

4. Remove the gunk

To remove dried gunk from solid foods you should first use something to soften it up. You can pour a bit of water or a vinegar and water solution if the stain is stubborn. When the gunk becomes softer, use a putty knife to remove it.

5. Use adhesive cleaner

An adhesive cleaner is a good option to use when you let the spill dry for too long. This cleaner should be used for harder stains like coffee or wine.

6. Avoid harsh cleaners

You shouldn’t complicate much with the cleaning and only use the products that are proven to be effective for cleaning of the quartz work surfaces. Chemicals that contain bleach or ammonia can damage quartz and you should avoid them. View our range of professional quartz cleaning products.

7. Use degreasing cleaner

When your work surfaces are very greasy, you can use a degreasing cleaner to clean them thoroughly. Just follow the same procedure as with any other cleaning agent.

8. Use rubbing alcohol

Rubbing alcohol is the best in removing ink and markers. Just pour a bit of the rubbing alcohol on the cotton pad and remove the stain.

9. Wipe with water

No matter which cleaner you use, it is advised to always wipe the surfaces with water afterwards. Water will remove the entire residue from the cleaner.

10. Avoid abrasive pads

The cleaning should be handled with softer sponges by avoiding the abrasive side. You can also use soft microfiber cloths instead of sponges.

Following these simple tips will make your quartz surfaces highly hygienic and clean. Quartz is a very easy material to maintain, but these tips will make the cleaning even faster. Even the lightest marble looking quartz colours will be easy to clean and they will not get stained.

Need more information about the cleaning of quartz marble look surfaces? Please feel free to contact us for more details.