8 Advantages of Classic Quartz Stone for Wall & Floor Tiles

Classic Quartz

Quartz tiles are one of the most popular materials to use around a home during renovations, because it offers a long list of benefits. During this overview we will discuss some of the great benefits that Quartz tiles have to offer your home when being used for flooring and walls. Check out our wide range of colours including Quartz Marble Range, Classic Quartz Range, Premier Range & Quartz Leather Finish Range!

Why Choose Quartz Tiles?

As briefly touched on, Quartz tiles have an amazing list of advantages to offer every homeowner. Quartz is one of the easiest to maintain materials that are available on the market and this is because they have been man made to be a non-porous stone.

Unlike natural stones such as Marble, your Quartz tiles will never need to be regularly resealed or have any regular treatments at all, which results in a superb condition for your tiles that is much easier and cost effective.

As Quartz stone is a non-porous stone, your daily cleaning routine has just been made easier as absolutely no spillages will soak into the surface.

This further means that Quartz has great stain resistant properties; so, if you ever accidentally spill something onto the surface then it will remain on top of the stone waiting to be cleaned away. All you have to do is wipe away with a clean, damp cloth as soon as possible to help ensure there is no staining.

Quartz tiles are also one of the best for people who are on a budget. Not only will Quartz be cheaper for the initial purchase, it is also cost effective throughout its lifetime too. As we said before, you will not have to spend out any additional cost for resealing treatments as it is just not needed.

As long as you take care of your Quartz tiles properly, there is absolutely no reason why they would not last you a lifetime.

Lastly, Quartz tiles are very durable and can withstand high amounts of traffic which makes it perfect for being used as flooring; especially for family homes. The material you use for wall and flooring applications will need to be able to cope with heavy objects, running, stomping and much more.

Quartz Stone vs Porcelain Slabs – All You Need to Know

5 Beautiful Porcelain Slab Colours for Worktops

When a homeowner makes the decision to renovate their home, one of the toughest decisions is deciding on the material you would prefer and would suit your home. There are many materials out there that have a very similar list of pros and cons, which make it often harder to make the decision.

Whether you are making the decision based on how durable the surface is or what is available to you in terms of colours and finishes or how easy the surface is to maintain, everyone has their personal lists to tick off that are important to them.
We will cover two of the most popular surfaces on the market at the moment; Quartz and Porcelain slabs, to see discuss the good and bad points of both.


Porcelain is one of the only surfaces out there that comes with a lengthy list of advantages and not many downfalls at all, which is superb for homeowners. Porcelain comes in a huge range of colours, patterns and finishes to suit absolutely every type of style.
Regardless of which colour you are looking for, you are sure to find the perfect one for you and your individual style.

One of the great benefits to Porcelain is that it is able to be made to look a lot like natural stones such as marble in terms of veining, which is a huge plus for homeowners. If the natural appearance is something that you are looking to achieve, the Porcelain may be ideal for you.

When it comes to creating surfaces such as kitchen islands, Porcelain is absolutely perfect as it is available in large slab sizes. There is often no need to fuse together multiple slabs, which makes it perfect for that seamless look.
Porcelain is also perfect for being installed in direct sunlight as it will never fade while in the sun, meaning that you can place it whether you wish without worry.

One of the most important things to consider with any material is how stain resistant it is. If you spill food, make up or anything that is likely to stain, Porcelain is one of your best bets. As well as being scratch resistant, you will never worry about spilling or skimming the surface with any product or item.

However, Porcelain does not come without its cons either. Porcelain can chip, crack and damage over its lifetime if you are not careful. The risk the damage may be small and much less than when compared to natural stones, there is still a risk that is high enough to worry about.


Quartz stone is one of the best contenders when thinking about which material to use within your home. Quartz is very well known for being low maintenance and it is a dream for homeowners. Unlike natural stones, Quartz will never need to be sealed or treated regularly making it easy to maintain and remaining cost effective. Quartz is also a non-porous material which means that cleaning is made so much easier.
Just like Porcelain, Quartz is great when it comes to being stain resistant too. You will never have to worry about spillages or dropping food that could potentially stain, as it will simply remain on the surface to be cleaned away.

Quartz is also one of the best budget friendly options out there on the market too. Not only is the cost lower for the initial purchase, but it is also cheaper long-term as there are no commitments to treatments. The zero maintenance makes it so worth while.

Lastly, Quartz is also durable and hard wearing which makes it great for being work surfaces and flooring in high traffic areas. As long as you take proper care of Quartz, it will last many years.

10 Benefits You Should Know About Quartz Marble Range


If you are looking to recreate the look of Marble on a budget, then Quartz Marble effect stone is one of your best options. While Natural Marble offers absolute stunning beauty, there is a long list of advantages to Quartz Marble and why, in some cases, it is more beneficial.
Quartz Marble effect may be more cost effective, but is it right for you? We will discuss some of the benefits of it, so you can decide for yourself.

#1 Budget Friendly Marble

As we briefly touched on above, Quartz Marble is entirely budget friendly. Natural Marble comes with a hefty price tag which not everyone can afford, so if you are looking to recreate the look on a much tighter budget, it can certainly be achieved.

#2 Maintenance

One of the downfalls to Natural Marble is the maintenance level that is required over the lifetime. To keep Marble non-porous and in top condition, it needs to be sealed regularly which takes time and money. With Quartz Marble, this cost and time just is not there. Quartz is a non-porous stone and will never require any treatments. Additionally, Quartz Marble is also easier to keep clean day-to-day too.

#3 Choosing the Pattern

Unlike Marble, Quartz Marble is customisable. With Natural Marble you are unable to choose the pattern you get and you quite simply get what you are given. However, when you purchase Quartz Marble you are able to choose the pattern you would like. Prefer larger veining? No problem!

#4 Choosing the Colour

Additionally, you are also able to choose the colour that you wish for your Quartz Marble too. If you would prefer the veining to be a colour, or the base, then the choice is completely yours! With Quartz Marble, you have complete freedom.

#5 Hygienic

When it comes to purchasing and installing Quartz Marble, it is perfect for being placed within the kitchen and bathroom in particular as it is super hygienic. It’s non-porous qualities mean that it will forever be a hygienic stone. When you spill liquid, absolutely no fluid will soak into the surface and harbour any bacteria; instead the spillage will remain on top of the surface until cleaned away.

#6 Stain Resistant

In addition to above, marble effect quartz is also stain resistant too which is perfect for every home. When you accidentally spill a substance, quickly wipe away with ease of mind that even the most staining products will not leave a mark behind as long as it is dealt with quickly.

#7 Durable Surface

As Quartz Marble has been man made, it has therefore been designed to be durable and long lasting for every homeowner. Quartz Marble has been designed to last a lifetime and will likely last for many years without needing to be changed or renewed.
As long as you take proper care of your surface, there is no reason why it would need to be changed and it can withstand high amounts of traffic throughout the home.

#8 Scratch Resistant

Quartz Marble range is also perfect for both kitchen and bathroom areas. Both of these areas in the home are likely to have various sharp objects used almost daily and therefore having a scratch resistant surface is paramount.

#9 Tough to Crack

Even though is not impossible to break, it is very difficult to damage at all making it perfect for high traffic areas and family homes.

#10 Choosing the Finish

Lastly, you will be able to further customise your surface by having the freedom to choose the finish of your surface too. Whether you want it to be glossy or matte, the choice is completely up to you.

Porcelain Slabs for Kitchen Surfaces – Pros & Cons

Porcelain Slabs for Kitchen Surfaces

Porcelain slabs have been growing in popularity in the recent years, because it comes with its own long list of advantages. However, as with everything, porcelain is not without its downfalls either.
We will discuss why Porcelain is a great choice for any home while highlighting some of the cons of Porcelain too. Hopefully, this overview will give you all the information you need to decide whether Porcelain is for you.

Pros to Porcelain Slabs

Porcelain comes readily available in a big range of colours, finishes and patterns to suit many different personalities and styles. The varied pigmentation of Porcelain’s raw materials is what creates the selection of colours that you have to choose from. When it comes to the finishes, the pigmentation is what gives the Porcelain the look of natural stone that may contain veining.

Furthermore, the appearance that you are able to achieve with Porcelain will never fade over the years. Porcelain slabs are UV resistant which simply means that wherever you install your Porcelain slabs, the sunlight will never make a difference or fade your surface over time.

  • Porcelain is also perfect for being placed within the kitchen areas or anywhere around the home where harsh chemicals and food are likely to be used often. Porcelain offers you a stain resistant surface and ease of mind in terms of being simple to keep clean.
  • Additionally, Porcelain is also scratch resistant which is great for kitchen areas where there is likely to be sharp and heavy objects used daily such as knives and scissors.
  • Porcelain slabs are also available in larger sizes too, unlike many other materials out there on the market. Porcelain gives you complete flexibility as you are able to purchase just one single slab for your kitchen where possible, so it removes the need for fusing multiple slabs together.
  • Lastly, Porcelain is perfect when it comes to being handled which is a huge bonus for both the homeowner and manufacturer. Porcelain is great for being installed as it can be cut and handled with ease, which makes for a quick and easy process.

Cons of Porcelain Slabs

However, Porcelain is not without some cons either. Porcelain can be chipped and cracked, despite how durable the surface is so you cannot rely on Porcelain being indestructible. However, it will take much more force to damage Porcelain than any natural stone surface out there.

How to Choose the Right Quartz Stone Colour for Your Worktops


When deciding on the colour of your worktop, it can often take longer than when you were deciding which material to use. Whether you are trying to go for a completely different look to what you have now or going for something similar, it is not always an easy decision.
But one thing for sure is that you are almost guaranteed to find the perfect Quartz stone colour for you and here is how to do it!

Clean and Fresh

The colour you ultimately decide will have a huge part in how clean your room looks day to day. If you choose a very light or pale colour, you are going to find it a bit harder to keep looking clean when compared to darker colours. However, very dark colours can also have this affect too. Often a medium coloured shade is the best bet but it all comes down to your individual lifestyle.

Size of Your Room

When it comes to selecting the colour, you need to consider how big (or small) the room is. If you have a room on the smaller side, then a lighter colour would work great at creating the illusion of a larger room, if this is something you are thinking about.

Sample a few Patterns

Once you have narrowed down the colours that you are liking the look of, then select a few of your favourite patterns of that colour. Even if you are set on a plain colour it would be a great choice to take a look at some other patterns out there from quartz bookmatch,  speckled, dotted to veined. You never know, you may surprise yourself and it is better to take a look now than to wish you did later on down the line. Quartz marble effect range is one of the most popular choice.


If you are keeping hold of your current accessories, then you need to consider which colours will go perfectly. But you may want to go with a more neutral colour so that you can switch and change around the accessories over the years. After all, it is much easier to change accessories than it is to change surfaces!

Your Style

Lastly, you need to of course select a colour, pattern and finish that is exactly what you like. Do not be fooled to go for something that is on trend, if it is not what you usually go for. After all, you need to be happy with your choice ad to be comfortable living with it for many years to come.

8 Reasons to Choose Classic Quartz for Your Kitchen


For your home renovation project, the biggest decision is selecting which materials to choose for different areas and uses around the home. Classic Quartz is perfect residential and commercial projects, offering many advantages, so hopefully this article will help you decide why Classic Quartz stone can work for you.

#1 Nature meets technology

Classic Quartz is an amazing combination of nature and technology. It consists of 93% Natural Quartz and 7% Resin. This is what gives Classic Quartz is strength and fantastic appearance.

#2 Non-Porous

Classic Quartz is brilliant for being a non-porous material, which is perfect for the kitchen area. If you accidentally spill something on the surface, then there is no reason to worry because it can be easily wiped away leaving no marks behind at all.

#3 Hygienic

As Classic Quartz is non-porous, it means that it is a great material for being hygienic. Hygiene is vital for kitchens as you will be primarily spending your time in there preparing food and drinks. As it is non-porous, no spillages will soak into the surface leaving bacteria to harbour.

#4 Heat and Scratch Resistant

Classic Quartz is also perfect for the kitchen as it is heat and scratch resistant. Two of the most commonly found things in kitchens is sharp objects and heat, so it is vital to have a surface that can withstand both. Whether you accidentally slip with a sharp knife onto the surface while preparing food, or you accidentally place hot pots directly onto the surface, you will never have to worry as it will be tough to damage the surface.
However, we recommend you continue using heat pads and chopping boards as you usually would to prevent and minimise any risk.

#5 Flexible

When it comes to using Classic Quartz stone within the kitchen area, why stop at the worktop? Classic Quartz is perfect for interior application such as worktops, flooring and vertical applications. So you will have the freedom to use Classic Quartz around the kitchen as much as you can think of.

#6 Low Maintenance

Classic Quartz is perfect for being low maintenance as you will never have to worry about any long term cost commitment. You will never have to take into account any sealing or treatments every year, like you do with natural stones. Classic Quartz is also incredibly easy to keep clean day to day too, with just a mild soap and water.

#7 UV Resistant

Will your Classic Quartz stone surface be in direct sunlight? Then you will never have to worry because it will never fade or damage the look of Classic Quartz. So you will have the freedom of placing your Classic Quartz stone around the kitchen, wherever you like the look of.

#8 Budget Friendly

Lastly, one of the best things about Classic Quartz is that it is incredibly affordable, being available on most of the worktops fabricators all across the UK. For our approved fabricators or further details  about quartz stone wholesale please contact us.

10 Tips for Selecting Quartz Surfaces and Worktops


So, you have chosen your stone and are set on it being Quartz. While you know that Quartz is the stone you want for your home renovation project, you may need a little help when it comes to selecting which Quartz surface to choose.
Hopefully this overview will help you decide which Quartz surface and worktop is for you.

#1 Colours and Patterns

Classic Quartz Stone comes in a wide range of colours and patterns to choose from, so you may be a little overwhelmed when it comes to finally deciding which to go for. You need to think about the theme that you are going for and select a colour and pattern that complements it, or a neutral colour that will go well with absolutely any other colour out there.
You can be rest assured that with Quartz you are going to have one of the best ranges for colours to choose from, so it will make for a great starting point.

#2 Consider Your Budget

When it comes to selecting which type of Quartz stone you are wanting, you need to consider your budget. Once you have an idea of how much you can afford, you then have a base and can immediately rule out a few options and have the ones left to choose from that you are able to purchase comfortably. There is no point in searching around for Quartz stone that may potentially be way out of your budget. However, Quartz is one of the most affordable stones out there, so you should not have any issue with getting the Quartz stone that you want.

#3 Lifestyle

When you are deciding on the material for your surfaces and worktops, you need to keep in mind your lifestyle and which stone will work around your home, on a practical level. While all Quartz stone surfaces and worktops come with most of the same features, you will need to consider the most important aspects that you are looking for. For example, is waterproofing and UV resistance important for you? Do you only want a surface that is not sensitive to chemicals? Do you have a family home? All of this and much more needs to be highlighted in your decision making.

#4 Your Style

Of course, you are going to be wanting the stone you select to reflect your individual style and the trend you want throughout your home. You are able to get Quartz stone to appear like natural stones such as Marble or if that is not your style, then you are able to choose from a huge range of other styles too. There really is a Quartz stone for absolutely everyone! Luckily, Quartz has much more choices than most other stones, so you have come to the right place.

#5 Hygiene

Regardless of where you are going to be placing your Quartz stone surface and worktop, you are going to want it to be incredibly hygienic; especially if it will be within the kitchen or bathroom. Quartz stone is great when it comes to cleaning and with such a low price tag, it will require minimal cleaning day to day.
Quartz is a non-porous stone, therefore it will never harbour any bacteria beneath the surface, so if you spill anything that you do not have to worry about it absorbing into the surface at all.

#6 Consider Pros and Cons

Even though on the most part all types of Quartz stone are very similar, there may be some differences that you may find important. You will therefore need to check through the pros and cons of the different Quartz stones that you like, to rule out the ones that do not appeal to you and to make sure that you are getting exactly what is right for you.

#7 Consider the size of the room

Different styles of Quartz will suit different rooms, especially when it comes to the size. If you have a smaller room, then it may be useful for you to know that a lighter colour would make your room appear to be much larger than it actually is. However, it can make the room look far too big if you use it in larger rooms. Light colours give the illusion of a larger room because it bounces light around the room, creating the image of a much bigger room.

#8 Get Samples

When you are looking through your options of Quartz stone, make sure that you either get sent samples or are able to view some within stores. Would you like a solid, plain colour or something with more of a pattern? If you are not sure, then you would be able to try out a few different looks from glitter, speckles, veins, spots to plain. The list is limitless!

#9 Quartz is Uniformed

Depending on the look you are going for, Quartz being a uniformed material can either be a good or bad thing. So, when you do get samples of Quartz, then you need to keep in mind that what you see is literally what you will be getting. Imagine that small sample on a big scale, and that is what your Quartz surface will look like.

#10 Finishes

With Quartz, you have a few different options to choose from with finishes. Whether you want a natural finish, matte or gloss, you will be able to choose what you prefer and would look best around your home.

Pros and Cons of Porcelain Countertops for Bathrooms


Porcelain is quickly growing in popularity, especially when it comes to the bathroom. The reason why? Because porcelain slabs come with many pros, and not too many cons at all.

To help with your search for the perfect material, hopefully this article can outline some of the reasons why porcelain should be on your list to consider. At ClassicQuartzStone we will give you a lot of the information you need to make an informed decision as to whether porcelain is for you and your home.

Pros of Porcelain

#1 Range of Colours

One of the best things about porcelain is that it is available in a huge range of colours, patterns and even finishes. In porcelain, the varied pigmentation of the raw materials is what creates its range of colours that gives you the entire rainbow to choose from. The pigmentation gives porcelain its appearance of a natural stone, by featuring veining such as marble.

#2 UV Resistant

If you are looking to place your new porcelain around your bathroom where the sun will directly hit, then you do not ever have to worry as porcelain is completely UV resistant. This means that the porcelain will never fade in the sun, leaving your bathroom looking as new as the day you bought it. Whether your porcelain is in direct sunlight or not, this will have no impact onto the colouring over time.

#3 Range of Sizes

Unlike many other materials out there on the market, porcelain comes available in a range of sizes. You are able to purchase in large slab sizes, as well as smaller. This will give the homeowner the opportunity to be flexible with the home renovation projects. The range in sizes will also remove the need for fusing multiple slabs together, giving a much more seamless look.

#4 Great with Products

Around the bathroom you will likely be using a range of chemicals from cleaning to beauty and there will no doubt be a few spillages from time to time. Porcelain is perfect for areas in the home where you are likely to be having harsh chemicals or even food items that can stain surfaces. By purchasing porcelain, you will have complete peace of mind knowing that most chemicals will not affect the porcelain at all.

#5 Scratch Resistant

As well as being stain resistant, porcelain is scratch resistant which is perfect for any areas around the home where there is likely to be sharp objects such as razors. Having a surface that is scratch resistant is vital, especially if you have a family home with little ones running around. Even if you will not necessarily have sharp objects, its important for harder objects falling too.

#6 Great for Installation

Porcelain is such a perfect stone when it comes to being installed, which makes life so much easier for both the buyer and manufacturer. Porcelain is great when it comes to being handled and fitted which makes it such a quick process. Your porcelain will be able to be cut so easily within the factory, resulting in the delivery and installation process to be completed efficiently.

Cons of Porcelain

Unfortunately, as with everything, porcelain is not without its downfalls. However, it does not come with many at all which is why it is such a popular stone at the moment and is rising in popularity.

Despite porcelain being scratch resistant, it is not invincible. Porcelain is able to be chipped or cracked, depending on how hard it is hit so you cannot completely relax when things get dropped. However, you can relax a little as it will take a lot of force and weight to damage porcelain when compared to natural stones.

Top 10 Advantages of Quartz Work Surfaces


When it comes to renovating homes or commercial properties, Quartz is one of the most popular materials out there as it comes with a huge list of benefits. Quartz slabs can be used for so many areas around the home, however it is very popular for being used on work surfaces.
Before you decide to purchase Quartz stone for a work surface in your home or property, here are some advantages that you should be aware of. Hopefully, this guide will help in your decision making.

#1 Lower Maintenance

Quartz is known for being incredibly low when it comes to maintenance and keeping it looking as good as the day you bought it. Quartz is actually one of the best stones that you can purchase if you are conscious of it being kept looking nice daily.
As Quartz has been engineered and man made, it has been designed with homeowners in mind from the very start. As Quartz has been made by us, it is a non-porous stone which means that it will never need any treatment or re-sealing at all, keeping it waterproof, stain and scratch resistant.

#2 Non-Porous

As we mentioned above, Quartz is a non-porous material, which means that it could not be any easier to keep clean. When you do your daily cleaning regime, all you need is to wipe over with a mild soap, warm water and rinse it off.
Furthermore, as it will never soak up any liquid this is perfect for being used in the kitchen or bathroom areas. Any spillages that occur will never soak beyond the surface, instead it will remain on top waiting to be washed away.

#3 Stain Resistant

With further thanks to its non-porous properties, it is also a stain resistant material. This means that when you spill anything such as red wine, it will never stain the surface. The liquid will stay on top of the surface resulting in minimal staining.

#4 Scratch Resistant

In addition to above, Quartz is also scratch resistant too which makes it absolutely superb for being used in the kitchen areas as a work surface. In the kitchen, you will never have to worry about slipping with the knife when you are prepping your meals as it is incredibly difficult to scratch the surface.

#5 Heat Resistant

Quartz can also be used within the bathroom areas too, as well as the kitchen, as it is excellent for being heat resistant. You do not have to worry anymore about accidentally leaving either hot pots and pans or hair straighteners on top of the surface. While we suggest and strongly recommend that you continue using heat pads where necessary, your work surface will be very difficult to mark.

#6 Budget Friendly

If you are searching for a budget friendly stone, then Quartz is perfect for you and your home (especially your wallet!). Quartz is not only cheap for the initial purchase, but it also will save you money in the long term too. Without all of those re-sealing costs to worry about, you are freeing up some extra cash just for you.

#7 Durable

Let’s face it, when we are searching for a material to use around the home we are looking for it to be sturdy and durable. No one wants a stone that is easily going to break for not last for many years. Whether you have a family home or live alone, Quartz is one fit for all. Quartz can be used in all high traffic areas and withstand high volumes of usage.

#8 Versatile

Quartz is so versatile that you never have to worry about not being able to do what you want with your home. Quartz gives you the freedom to place it wherever you wish, creating your ideal home. Whether you want to use it for your bathroom work surface, kitchen work surface or even flooring, you can do just that.

#9 Range of Colours & Patterns

Quartz is available in a huge range of colours and patterns, including Classic Range, Marble Range, Brillo Range, Leather Finish, Bookmatch Range so you will never be lost for getting what you have in mind. In fact, you are most likely to have the opposite problem – not being able to decide from all of the choice!

#10 Finishes

Very much like the colours, Quartz also has a few finished to choose from too. You are able to choose from Polished, Matte and Natural to give it a slightly different appearance.

5 Modern Classic Quartz Colours for Kitchen Worktops

Classic Quartz Stone

Choosing from and deciding on a colour for your kitchen worktop can be a difficult process, after all this will hopefully be a worktop that you are going to have installed for many years to come. Most people only tend to renovate their home the once during their lifetime, so you want to get it right!
Here are five of our favourite Classic Quartz colours that you can choose from when designing your kitchen worktops & countertops.


Botticino is one of our lighter colours, with a base of creamy/beige. On top of the cream colour are markings of white throughout giving a perfect contrast in light and darker. If you are searching for a colour that will bring out the freshness of your kitchen while creating the illusion of a larger space, this just may be your perfect choice!

Glitter Branco

Much like the name suggests, this particular slab colour has big chunks of stones, mirror and glass which gives it slab the appearance of having glitter throughout. Placed on a white base, the glitter creates a glamourous feel perfect for any home.

Classic Gris

Classic Gris is one of our slightly darker colours yet remaining neutral. It has a grey base colour with spots entirely throughout made up of darker colours. The overall slab also gives off the slight hint of colour too, which is great for anyone wanting something slightly different to the usual choices.


Sepia is one of our off-white colours, which has been complimented well with tiny dots and spots throughout which are a light grey colour, giving it some contrast. This is perfect for anyone who wants a lighter colour but not wanting to go quite as bright as white with a subtle pattern.

Classic Bianco

Classic Bianco is last on our list of modern colours; however it certainly is not the least. Classic Bianco is one of the most popular colours to choose because it offers a fresh, stunning yet timeless piece to any home.
Classic Bianco is a plain, solid white colour which brings out the light in any room and will work at creating the illusion of a much larger space.