Quartz Marble Effect Colours for Kitchen Surfaces


Quartz is a very interesting product that can have the appearance of other stones while preserving its qualities. One of those stones is marble that is recognized by its veining. Quartz can look very much like marble, no one will ever tell a difference. Not only that it will bring such beauty to your kitchen, but it also has characteristics that are of value in the kitchens.

It is very easy to maintain, it is hard to scratch or stain, will handle the high impact of force with ease…It is a truly high-quality product that will last you for a very long time.

If you have decided to go with quartz marble effect for your kitchen surfaces, but still haven’t decided about the colour, here is a brief overview to guide you.


Crete is a white with yellow undertone and very dimmed veining. It will look beautiful in both large and small kitchens.


This colour has very irregular veining, that is at times bold and thick and at times thin. It will look gorgeous as an accent on your kitchen island.READ MORE

10 Advantages of Quartz Tiles for Retail Spaces


Quartz is one of the materials that have been on the rise in recent years. It has become popular not just for residential use, but also for commercial. It comes with many advantages, and we have made a list of top 10. If you are thinking about quartz for your retail space, you are in the right place.

1. Low maintenance

Quartz is very easy to clean with just soap and water. This is especially valuable in retail, where a lot of people come through every day. The cleaning of quartz tiles is not time-consuming at all.

2. Hard and durable

Busy retail means that more pressure is on the tiles, which could lead to a break, but not with quartz tiles. You can be sure that quartz will not break under pressure caused by weight or an accidental drop of an object.READ MORE

Top 10 Advantages of Engineered Quartz Stone


For the past several years, engineered quartz stone has become one of the top choices with many home designers and owners for kitchens and bathrooms. This comes with a few good reasons; this material has proven to have excellent characteristics that are of value in the household. Here’s the list of them, to help you decide whether quartz is the right choice for you.

1. Durability

As quartz is one of the hardest materials found in nature, it will be very sturdy and resilient to the high impact of force.

2. Stain Resistant

Quartz is a man-made material that has been designed to have stain resistant qualities. Because it is non-porous, liquids and spills will not leave a stain. This makes quartz perfect for use in kitchens and bathrooms.

3. Very easy to maintain

Engineered quartz is one of the easiest materials to clean you can find on the market. Cleaning is handled with just soap, water and a soft cloth. Additionally, it does not need a sealant, unlike many other materials.READ MORE

6 Bookmatched Quartz Stone Colours for Small Kitchens


Bookmatching quartz stone is an excellent choice for small, but charming kitchens. Not only that book matching will give excellent results, but quartz has proven to be excellent material, because of the many advantages it comes with… It is very long lasting, durable, almost impossible to stain or scratch and available in many colours. Here are some of them that are available book matched.

1. Calacatta Santa

Calacatta Santa is perfect for ones that like very fine and delicate veining. The veining in it is so fine; it will never look like too much, even if it’s used as the only style.

2. Himalaya

Himalaya is another style that has very distinct veining; you will only see it once you get close to it. The veining in it is even finer than in Calacatta Santa, making it the perfect choice for small kitchens.READ MORE

8 Tips & Tricks to Make Your Quartz Countertops Shine

quartz-colours-for-worksurfaces copy

Proper maintenance and cleaning the quartz countertop will ensure that they are shining like the day you have them installed. Here, we are bringing you simple tips and tricks that will make your Classic Quartz Stone countertops look as good as new, even after many years.

1. Daily cleaning

For day to day cleaning, quartz is very appreciative. Daily clean up is easily handled, with just soap, water and a soft rag. You can use mild detergent too. Wipe the countertops once a day, if possible.

2. Deep cleaning

Occasionally, you should use a glass cleaner to clean the countertops deeply. Spray the cleaner on your quartz countertops, let it sit for a few minutes, and then rinse it off with a wet cloth.READ MORE

20 Beautiful & Modern Classic Quartz Colours for 2019

Leros Quartz Kitchen

Quartz, as a man-made product, has a wide range of colours one can only imagine. What makes quartz so popular is that it can fit in almost any given style. Quartz can look like marble or granite while preserving its own characteristics. It can be for various elements of your home, from kitchen and bathroom countertops to floors. The options available with quartz are countless and one can get lost in so many colours, patterns and finishes. Therefore, we decided to present to you the 20 best Classic Quartz colours for 2019.

1. Calacatta
One of the most iconic marble looking styles is calacatta. Calacatta is white with very bold veining

2. Marbre Carrara
Another iconic marble style and a classic you can’t go wrong with.

3. Palazzo
What makes palazzo unique and recognizable, is its gold and black granulation.READ MORE

Black & White Engineered Quartz Stone – Pros & Cons


Black or white is the everlasting question, where the right answer doesn’t exist. These colours are classic choices you can’t go wrong with. Both will bring beauty and elegance to any room you incorporate it in. Even mixing the two can give interesting compositions. When it comes to quartz, it is for many reasons one of the most popular materials in recent years. It has excellent characteristics which make it the first choice of many homeowners and designers.

So let’s take a look at the pros and cons of white and black quartz stone.


Quartz is very easy to maintain

The cleaning is easily handled with just soap, water and a soft rag. You will not have to worry about sealing, because quartz doesn’t need it.

Quartz is a non-porous material
This means that quartz can’t absorb water and liquids, making it stain-proof. Even if you accidentally spill something on your countertops, you can easily wipe out the spill with just soap and water.READ MORE

10 Things You Should Know About Quartz Bookmatch Stone


Bookmatching refers to matching two or more slabs of stone so that the two connected surfaces mirror each other. Only the manufactured materials have this characteristic, and one of those materials is quartz. Along with this characteristic, quartz also has many other advantages you should know before the purchase.

1. Bookmatching can give a great effect

Bookmatching can give excellent effects on various surfaces- you can use it for the kitchen island, walls, backsplashes to give your space a unique touch that will be eye-catching.

2. Quartz is easy to maintain

This material is known to be one of the easiest to maintain. Cleaning is easy with just soap and water and it doesn’t require sealing, unlike many other materials.

3. Can imitate other materials

Quartz bookmatch stone can have the appearance of marble while preserving the character of its own. It will create a continuous picture of veining that will be unique.READ MORE

Quartz Stone vs Natural Stone – 10 Things Your Should Know


Renovating kitchen or bathroom can be very interesting, but intimidating at the same time. There are various materials to choose from, one can get lost. It is important to choose the material according to your preferences and manners of use. All three stones: quartz, granite and marble, have proven to have excellent characteristics that are of value in the home.

1. Quartz has the widest colour range

Quartz is a manufactured stone, which allows it to have colours that can’t be found in nature. You can easily find a colour that will match your home style in quartz’s range.

2. Natural stones are more unique
On the other hand, natural stones are always unique and no two slabs are ever the same.READ MORE

8 Beautiful Quartz Stone Colours Available Bookmatched


Bookmatching is an excellent way to make your kitchen or bathroom stands out from the rest. It will result in an excellent design that will make everyone speechless.
Thinking about bookmatching for your kitchen countertops, island, backsplashes, but you are uncertain about the colour? We have decided to make it easier on you and introduce you to the 8 beautiful quartz colours that are available bookmatched.

Alaska Bianca
Alaska Bianca is a white with very subtle and thin veining. Because it is very elegant and fine, it can be used as the only material for the whole kitchen, without it looking like too much. It’s a classic that will look good with all sorts of combinations.

This style has bold blue veining that draws a unique picture on a white surface. Using it on the kitchen island will give it an accent no other can.READ MORE