Long warranty on all our products!

CLASSIC QUARTZ STONE warrants to the residential owner-occupants of installed Classic Quartz Stones slab surfaces a ten (10) year warranty from the date of purchase by the original owner or installer whichever is earlier. Warranties only apply to the original purchaser and the first installation.

The quartz warranty covers any manufacturing slab defects and if any manufacturing defect occurs during the warranty period, we will repair or replace the defective Classic Quartz Stones slabs. The warranty does not cover damage to the product caused by installation or fabrication errors. The product must be installed following the appropriate installation instructions using approved accessories, if applicable. Installation and fabrication defects are not covered under the warranty.The warranty does not cover scratches. Care must be taken, such as using chopping boards, must be exercised as part of care and maintenance.

Customers are advised to read and understand the maintenance instructions of our stone. Classic Quartz Stone will not be liable for, and this warranty does not apply in the event of ; any failure, defect or damage, connected with misuse, abuse, neglect or improper handling or storage.

  • Chemical abuse is not covered by the warranty.
  • Water marks and Limescale deposits are not covered by the warranty.

The slabs warranty will cover only the replacement of the slabs. We don't cover any additional costs such as: re fabricating, costs for removing the old stone work surfaces, costs with electricians/plumbers/carpenters and any other costs to install the new worktops using the new slabs.

How to obtain our 10-year warranty:

CQ Stone 10-year quartz warranty is available to anyone who has recently had a CQ Stone slab installed in their homes or premises by approved fabricators and distributors, along with fitter invoice.

As long as you follow our guidelines, your warranty will be valid for 10 years after installation.

To activate your warranty, please complete the form from below.


The warranty is invalid if the material has not been paid for, in full.

Discontinued colours are NOT covered by our 10-year warranty.

Our Outdoor range is covered for 6 years warranty.

Our Supreme range is covered for 15 years warranty.

Our Horizon Stone range is coverd for 10 years warranty.

What this warranty does not cover?

CQ Stone slabs, are stone products which will not crack, unless an external force or interaction causes the crack such as impacts, uneven cabinets or flooring, structural settling or movements, thermal shock from the use of crock pots, skillets or other hot items placed directly on the CQ Stone slabs, improper installation or other conditions in the home that may cause the CQ Stone Surfaces to shift.

Any cuts within the worksurface/island for example sink cut out or hob cut out, corners must be at a 45 degrees angle. Slabs not cut at this angle will be void of warranty terms.

Don't cut a right angle directly as you risk to crack the slab. Drill a hole before the cutting.

Cracking and chipping due to the impact of heavy objects and the movement, displacement or positioning of the supporting structure under the surface of the worktop or flooring (kitchen units, floors, foundations, etc.) Therefore, cracks are not covered by this warranty.

Caution: Do not use crock pots, skillets or other hot items directly on your CQ Stone Surfaces. Always place them on a trivet or cutting board to protect your CQ Stone from thermal shock.

Cracks in the surface after installation. Cracks in the end product shall not be considered an indication of defective material. The main causes of cracking are improper movement of the material, direct application of heat to the surface, excessive weight placed on the surface or the result of bumping the material after installation
-so any overhang over 300mm will not be covered under warranty

This warranty does not cover products exposed to abnormal use or conditions or abuse in any way.

“Abnormal use or conditions” includes, but is not limited to, damage from mishandling or misuse, damage from excessive heat, scorching or exposure to weather conditions, exposure to ultraviolet light, physical or chemical abuse, acid etching, staining or damage from improper care and maintenance or damage from chipping, cracking, impact damage or breaking due to customer abuse.

Products that have been treated or covered with unapproved chemicals or coatings.

This warranty does not cover temporary marks on the CQ Stone products including but not limited to metal marks, fingerprints or smudges or other temporary marks made by household utensils.

Water marks and Limescale deposits are not covered by the warranty

This warranty does not cover temporary marks on the CQ Stone products including but not limited to metal marks, fingerprints or smudges or other temporary marks made by household utensils.

Our Quartz Outdoor Range can be cleaned very easily with water and soap or with a neutral cleaner.

  • Avoid using abrasive reagents or aggressive cleaning agents.
  • Use a simple cloth or microfiber cloth for cleaning and avoid using an abrasive sponge.

In addition, we recommend the following to keep your Classic Quartz Outdoor looking its best:

  • Cover the surface when not in use.
  • Do not leave metal objects on the surface as they may cause rust stains.
  • Do not use deep fat fryers and turkey fryers on the surface.
  • Clean any stains or residue as soon as possible to prevent them from drying on the surface.
  • Use of acetone is forbidden on Classic Quartz Outdoor Range.

To activate your 10 year warranty, please complete the form from below within 30 days of the install of your goods. Please also attach a copy of your invoice of purchase which will be retained for our records.




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