10 Modern Classic Quartz Colours for Kitchen Tops

Quartz is nowadays one of the most popular materials for kitchen tops because of its luxury appeal, among other great characteristics. Quartz has a wide colour range with a number of patterns. The most common patterns are granulated and veined, with many combinations in between. You will have the ability to choose from many different colours and styles from classic range, to quartz marble effect or quartz bookmatched range that will make your kitchen modern and luxurious. Continue reading and find out about our top picks for modern kitchen tops from Classic Quartz.

1. Ibiza
Ibiza is cool-toned white with subtle grey splashes of colour. This colour is perfect for ones that don’t like too many details but also don’t want a completely solid colour. It is a perfect combination of a subtle pattern with an elegant background.

2. Milano
Milano is mid-toned grey. It has a very fine granulated pattern that is almost unnoticeable until you get close to it. Colours like this are a perfect choice when you are just looking to replace the tops.

3. Everest
Everest is white with a yellow undertone. It has very subtle grey veining that adds an elegant touch to the background. This colour will be great in combination with dark wood cabinets.

4. Calacatta Milan
Calacatta is a famous stone type recognizable by the crisp background and grey veining. Compared to other Calacattas, Milan has a cool-toned background and veining too.

5. Roma Black
Black is always in fashion and it is very easy to combine with. This one has thin white veining all over the surface. A colour like this will never go out of fashion.

6. San Vincente
San Vincente is grey with a blue undertone. It has a very subtle pattern that makes it a very elegant and sophisticated choice.

7. Caffe Gris
Caffe Gris is beige with a subtle granulated pattern. Beige colours like this one are excellent choices for indecisive buyers; they are easy to pair with and will look nice with any colour of the cabinets.

8. Super White
Pure white, like this one, is a timeless choice you will never regret buying. With quartz, you will not have to worry about your white tops getting stained, because quartz is so highly resistant to it.

9. Brillo Noir
Starlight quartz is one of the most popular quartz types nowadays and that’s why we are recommending Brillo Noir. This colour has a black background with white rocks scattered all over the surface, which resembles the night sky.

10. Brillo Branco
Brillo Branco has the same concept as Brillo Noir, only it is a different colour. This one has a white background and grey rocks all over it.

All these Classic Quartz colours will not only make your kitchen modern and elegant, but they are also timeless options that will never go out of fashion.

Need more help finding the perfect quartz colour for your kitchen tops? Please contact us and we will be happy to help you.