10 Modern Quartz Colours for Commercial Floor Tiles

Thinking about quartz stone for your commercial facility? Looking for a colour for your new commercial floor tiles can be a very intimidating task. There are numerous options available and it can be hard to choose the perfect one. Therefore, we have decided to make your life a bit easier and introduce you to the 10 modern quartz colours that will be a great option for commercial floor tiles.

1. Calacatta Milan

Calacatta is a famous marble type recognizable by the crisp background and grey veining. This colour is a perfect example of our marble effect range; it looks just like marble, but it has improved characteristics. Calacattas Milan has a cool-toned background and veining too.

2. Crete

Crete is one of the most elegant and sophisticated colours out there. It has a white background with blurry, soft feathers. The pattern is very subtle and it will be a great background for edgy furniture.

3. Caffe Gris

Caffe Gris is beige with a subtle granulated pattern. Beige colours like this one are easy to pair with and will look nice with any colour, leaving you plenty of room to accent other parts of your commercial facility.

4. Roma Black

Roma Black has a black background with thin but bold white veining. Combining it with white furniture will create a perfect composition that will leave everyone speechless.

5. Everest

Everest is white with a yellow undertone. It has subtle grey veining that makes it very elegant. This colour will be great in combination with dark-toned furniture.

6. Florence

Florence is a neutral white with a very subtle grey pattern. It is a classic that will never go out of fashion and will pair nicely with any colour.

7. Brillo Noir

Brillo Noir has a black surface with darker black and white rocks scattered on it. This is the perfect choice to pair with beige furniture.

8. Marbre Cararra

Cararra is another famous marble type and it is recognizable by its blurry background and veining. Marbre Cararra has a white background with feathery grey veining. This will be the perfect replacement for Calacatta if you like something a bit more subtle.

9. Super White

Plain white surfaces are a perfect choice if you want to bring attention to other elements of the room, like the lighting or the furniture. This colour will be a perfect background for such situations.

10. Milano

Milano is mid-toned grey. It has a very subtle granulated pattern that is almost undetectable. Colours like this are a perfect choice when you are just looking for a classic, timeless colour.

There are plenty of options that will be an excellent choice for commercial floor tiles; these are just some of them. Quartz will be a great addition to any commercial facility and whichever colour you choose you will not regret it.

Need more help choosing the perfect colour for your commercial space? Please feel free to contact us and we will be happy to help you.