Quartz is a man-made product, made as a composition of natural quartz, resins and pigments. That fact allows it to have numerous different colours, finishes and patterns, which offer a number of designs and combinations.

Quartz can even look like other stones, namely marble and granite. If you have considered using quartz for your shower wall, continue reading to find out its pros and cons.

1. Low maintenance

You will have no hard times cleaning your quartz shower wall. Just make the soapsuds and wipe the walls with a soft cloth. Then shower the wall to rinse the soapsuds.

2. Resistant to staining

Do you have dyed hair colour? If so, you will not ever have to worry about it staining your walls; quartz has a non-porous surface that doesn’t absorb water or liquids.

3. Numerous colours

You will have no hard times finding your perfect colour because quartz has a very versatile colour palette. We have got all covered, from classic colour choices to the unusual ones, for every buyer’s need.

4. Numerous patterns

Veining or granulation makes quartz even more special. You can choose various options; there are patterns that are very subtle, but there are also very bold ones. Quartz is also available bookmatched- a manner when the two connecting surfaces are mirroring each other.

5. Modern design

Have you ever dreamed of a luxury bathroom that you are seeing in hotels? Quartz is a material that can give it to you.

6. Durability

Not only that quartz is beautiful, but it also has great mechanical characteristics. Quartz will not break under high pressure or impact of force. You will not have to worry about replacing your shower walls for decades, because it is so durable.

7. Can be used for other elements of your bathroom

Quartz can be used for tiles and vanity tops also. That way, you can achieve a harmonious and well-balanced composition.


1. Sensitive to acids

You should avoid cleaning agents that contain acids or bleach and just use soap instead. Such cleaning agents can leave a discolouration on your wall that is permanent.

2. Heavy

Quartz is a very dense material, which also means it is heavy and will require additional structural support.

3. More expensive installation

Installation of vertical slabs is more expensive than for horizontal, because of the heaviness of the product.

Quartz shower walls are very popular for a good reason: they give a contemporary look, are very durable and easy to maintain. Quartz shower wall will give your bathroom a polished and elegant appearance. There are numerous options to choose from to fit everyone’s needs. They require a very low level of maintenance and will last you for decades.

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