10 Quartz Bookmatch Colours for Luxury Kitchens


Bookmatching is a technique where two adjacent surfaces are mirroring each other. Bookmatching is a great way to introduce something unique to your kitchen without having to choose bold colours. All colours that are available bookmatched are timeless colour choices you will not regret buying.

1. Alaska Bianca
Alaska Bianca has a white background and thin grey veining. This is a cool-toned white with a relatively subtle pattern. When bookmatched, this colour has an interesting pattern that is not too bold, but not too subtle either.

2. Calacatta Gold
Calacatta Gold has a white background with a golden undertone and thick light-grey veining. Although its veining is very thick, it is just a few shades darker than the background, so it will never look like too much.

3. Calacatta Lusso
Calacatta Lusso has a similar concept to Calacatta Gold, only this one has cooler undertone and darker veining. This will be the perfect alternative to the above-mentioned colour if you have cool-toned cabinets.

4. Calacatta Santa
Another colour with a similar concept, only this one has the subtlest veining of them all. The veining is only a few tones darker than the background and it is the thinnest, making it a perfect choice for ones that like a subtle pattern.

5. Calacatta Grigio
This colour has a crisp white background with mid-toned grey veining. The veining is neither thick nor thin. This colour will be perfect for ones that like a bit bolder pattern. It will be a great choice for the kitchen island.

6. Himalaya
Himalaya is mid-toned grey with both granulated and veined pattern. Both patterns are subtle and the combination of the two is making this colour very interesting. This is the perfect colour for modern style luxury kitchens.

7. Statuario Grigio
Statuario is the most popular type along with Calacatta. It comes in several different varieties among which is Statuario Grigio. Generally speaking, Statuario is recognizable by the crisp background and veining, while Calacatta has a blurrier background and pattern.
This Statuario has a white background with cool undertone and mid-toned grey veining.

8. Statuario Venato
This one has a pure white background and grey, moderately thick veining. This colour is a perfect choice for the kitchen island, as this pattern will stand out even more. This colour will be a perfect pair to simple wooden cabinets.

9. Torrano Gold
Torrano gold has a cool-toned white background and very thick grey veining. It also has tiny gold veins scattered all over the surface, which are making this colour very unique.

10. Torrano Grey
Torrano Grey is very similar to already mentioned Torrano Gold, but it doesn’t have golden details. This will be a perfect substitute for Torrano Gold if you like the idea of it, but don’t like the golden details.

No matter which quartz bookmatch colour you choose, this technique will make your kitchen one of a kind. In addition to that, you will have high-quality kitchen worktops that are both beautiful and long-lasting.

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