10 Quartz Colours that Look Like Marble


Marble is considered one of the most beautiful stones, but it can give you some hard times when it comes to maintenance. It is a soft material prone to staining, so extra caution is advised with it. However, nowadays you can have a marble effect with improved characteristics, thanks to quartz. Quartz is a manufactured stone, unlike marble, which means it has been engineered to surpass those flaws that marble has. During this process, it can be also altered to look like marble.
In our range, we have a handful of marble looking colours for you to choose from. Continue reading and find out our top 10 quartz marble effect colours.

1. Calacatta Milan
Calacatta is a famous marble type recognizable by the white background and crisp veining. It has numerous variations that differ from each other in the undertones and veining colour. This one has a cool-toned white background with thin grey veining.

2. Calacatta Vegle
Compared to Calacatta Milan, this one has a yellow undertone with a golden-grey veining. Its veining is thicker and hence, bolder.

3. Crete
Crete is a unique grey colour with a blurred pattern. The subtle differences of grey tones blend perfectly into each other, creating a seamless gradient.

4. Leros
Leros is a mid-toned cream colour with very subtle grey veining. This colour will be perfect for monochromatic kitchens because it will make your kitchen look brighter and more spacious.

5. Marbre Cararra
Carrara is another famous marble type, recognizable by the feathery veining. Compared to the Calacatta, this type has a blurred background and veining, so it is not hard to depict one from the other. This is a classic representation of marble Carrara- white colour with a blurred, grey veining.

6. New England
New England is a cool-toned beige with a subtle grey veining. This is the perfect choice for contemporary style kitchens, that are recognizable by simpler patterns and clean design.

7. Olympia
Olympia is white with distinct, dark grey veining. The veining is blurred, but as it is much darker than the background, it is very noticeable. This is a perfect choice if you want a bit more noticeable pattern, but not too bold either.

8. Roma Black
For fans of black countertops, Roma Black will be an excellent choice. It has a pitch-black background with thin white veining. Black is always a good choice since it always looks elegant and luxurious.

9. Roma Grey
If you liked the idea of Roma Black, but you don’t want such a statement colour, choose Roma Grey. It has the same pattern as Roma Black, only it has a light-grey background.

10. San Vincente
San Vincente is a light grey colour with a very subtle pattern. The pattern is the softest out of all mentioned so far, so this colour will be a perfect choice for ones that don’t like too many details.

Need more help choosing the right quartz colour for you? Please feel free to contact us and we will be happy to help.