10 Tips to Choose Quartz Stone Colour for Traditional Kitchens

Choosing kitchen countertops colour can be a very time-consuming task. You have to consider how will your countertops match your cabinets and the rest of the room. But it can be hard to visualize that if you are not a professional, so we have decided to make your search for colour for your traditional style kitchen a bit easier.

1. Consider what you already have

If your home is already in traditional style, you can look for the colour that appears the most in it. That particular colour is probably the safest choice to go.

2. Think about the overall appeal of your kitchen

Depending on the colour of your cabinets, you can achieve different effects. Traditional style kitchens often have a good balance of light and dark, so consider a colour that is in contrast with your cabinets. Think like beige and dark brown, rusty red and cream…

3. Visit the showroom

Although online swatches can be very accurate, it is best to see the colour in person. Maybe you will find a colour that you haven’t even noticed until you saw it in person.

4. Sample the colours

If you have several colours that you like, ask for a free sample. This will help you imagine how a certain quartz colour will pair with traditional, shaker style cabinets. Browse our wide range of colours including marble effect, classic range and bookmatch range.

5. Mix and match

If you just can’t decide between the two colours, you can choose both. For example, you can use one colour for the kitchen island, and the other for the rest of the cabinets. Just make sure that those two colours pair well together.

6. Consider the finish

Quartz worktops come in a polished, matte, or even leather-like finish. Our leather range can be a good option for traditional style kitchens because it gives a rustical look.

7. Consider the pattern

Quartz can look like marble or granite while preserving its characteristics. Granulated patterns are usually more popular for traditional style kitchens, but you can also choose a subtle veined pattern.

8. Plan ahead

Some colours are rarer than others, which makes them more expensive. If you are on a budget, choose a more common colour.

9. Consider bookmatching

Bookmatching refers to the two connecting surfaces mirroring each other. Not all colours are available bookmatched, but this is another way to narrow down the options. Colour with a golden pattern may be a better option for traditional kitchens.

10. Take your time

Quartz worktops will last you for decades, so make sure you are happy with your choice. If you are too indecisive, you can contact our team for a piece of friendly advice.

Need more help choosing the perfect colour for your traditional kitchen style? Please feel free to contact us and we will be happy to help you.