10 Tips to Choose the Right Quartz Colour for Your Worktops


Have you already decided to go with quartz for your kitchen or bathroom remodel, but you have doubts about the colour choice? Quartz has a very wide colour palette, which can give you hard times because there are many options to choose from. We have decided to help you and bring you the best tips on how to choose the right quartz colour for your worktops.

1. Consider what you already have

One colour can be pretty repetitive at your home décor and you haven’t even noticed it. That particular colour is probably the safest choice to go.

2. Think about the overall appeal of your kitchen or bathroom

You can achieve different impressions with the same material, depending on the colour combination you choose. If you have darkly toned cabinets and you want a dramatic atmosphere, choose darkly toned worktops also. For a harmonic atmosphere, choose lightly toned cabinets and worktops.

3. Visit the showroom

Although online swatches can be pretty accurate, it is best to see the colour in person. Maybe you will find a pattern that you really like but haven’t considered it until you saw it in person.

4. Sample the colours

If you have made a shortlist, ask for a free sample. This can help you imagine how a certain quartz colour will pair with your cabinets.

5. Consider various options

If you have written off all the options, except two and don’t know which one to go for, consider mixing and matching. For example, you can use one colour for the kitchen island, and the other for the rest of the cabinets.

6. Consider the finish

Quartz worktops come in polished, matte, or even leather-like finish. The finish can change the overall appearance of the kitchen considerably.

7. Consider the pattern

Quartz can have the appearance of marble or granite while preserving its characteristics. In the manufacturing process, quartz can be altered to have veins like marble or granulation like quartz.

8. Plan ahead

Some patterns are rarer than others, which makes them more expensive. You can always get a free quote upon call or filling an online form. This will help you make a decision if a certain pattern fits your budget.

9. Take your time to make sure about your choice

Because quartz worktops will last you for ages, it is important to be absolutely sure about your choice. If you are indecisive, go with the classic colours, like light grey or white.

10. Consider options on both sides of the colour wheel

You can take not only one sample with you but multiple. Therefore, we advise you to take contrasting colours; you’ll never know how a certain colour will pair until you try it.

No matter what quartz colour you choose, one is certain; quartz is one of the best choices for both kitchen and bathroom worktops. With the right colour choice and performances that quartz delivers, you will not need a replacement for a lifetime.

Need more information about our colour range? Contact us, and we will be happy to help you choose the right colour for you.