11 Quartz Marble Range Colours for Kitchen Surfaces

Classic Quartz vs Marble

Choosing the perfect colour for quartz kitchen worktop can be a hard process because there are so many options to choose from. We have decided to make your life a bit easier and present to you the top 11 quartz marble range colours for kitchen surfaces.

Vanilla Sky
Vanilla Sky is on the warmer colour palette with a pale yellow veined pattern. It is well combined with dark wood cabinets and darker flooring for a contrast or with a beige colour for harmony. Either way, the vanilla sky is a classic that is easy to combine with.

Calacatta Milan
A classic white leaning on the cool side of the colour palette with distinct veins that make this style recognizable and unique. Pair it with black cabinets, or white with black for detailing and accenting.

Empire is a very dark grey, almost black with yellowy-grey veins. Perfect colour for the brave and bold ones. Well combined with white oak wood cabinets.

Zivas Marfil
If you like even surfaces without any veins, Zivas Marfil is the right choice for you. It is light grey, which makes it perfect to combine with almost anything.

Palazzo is a darker grey with very pronounced black and yellow veins. It is combined well with light wood colours for cabinets or flooring. Can be used for a kitchen island as an accent.

Olympia is a classic cool-toned white with high shine and grey veins. Well paired with any kind of wood.

Statuario Milan
Similar to Calacatta Milan, but the veins of the Statuaro Milan are leaning on the blue side of the colour palette. Combine it similarly to Calacatta Milan.

Verona is another style that has no veins. It is a mid-toned grey that is combined the best with lighter wood but can also be combined with similar-toned cabinets for a uniformed style.

San Vincente
San Vincente is one of the most popular styles for kitchen worktops and for a good reason. It has very fine, inconspicuous greyish veins.

Another south out style, calacatta is a crisp white with very bold grey veins. Best used as an accent on a kitchen island, but also looks great as an only material used on your kitchen countertops.

Marbre Cararra
Marble Cararra is a great replacement for Calacatta is you don’t like very bold veining. Marbre Cararra veining is blurred and therefore less prominent.

New York
The richest in veining out all of the mentioned. It is dark grey with gold, grey and white veins. Combined well with lighter wood cabinets, like bamboo wood.

Physical advantages of a engineered quartz combined with the appearance of marble will take your kitchen to the next level. The durability of quartz and the elegance of marble make a great combination.

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