12 Ways to Clean Black Quartz Tiles

When it comes to cleaning, quartz is one of the most appreciative materials. It has a non-porous surface which makes the cleaning products glide effortlessly. It is highly resistant to stains and they are easily removed. However, there are still some useful tips to know when cleaning or dealing with specific kinds of stains. With these tips, you will make your quartz tiles even shinier, so continue reading and find about 12 ways you can clean your black quartz tiles.

1. Daily cleaning

For day-to-day cleaning, simply use mild soap and water. Just make some soapsuds in the bucket and wipe your tiles with a mop. Follow up by wiping your tiles with a clean, damped mop.

2. Use soft materials

It is best to avoid scratchy materials to prevent any stripping from happening. Instead, just use soft materials like soft cloths and mops; since quartz has a sleek surface, they will be enough.

3. Avoid ammonia

Ammonia-based cleaners have a different PH value than quartz and they can lead to discolourations. Cleaners to avoid are the oven cleaner, toilet bowl cleaner and various multi-purpose cleaners.

4. Avoid bleach

Bleach based cleaners are also another thing to avoid with quartz tiles, especially black ones. If you use bleach on black tiles, they will fade over time and will no longer have an intense colour.

5. Use glass cleaner

Glass cleaner is used to deeply clean quartz surfaces. It will also make them extra shiny. Just spray the glass cleaner onto your tiles, and wipe them with a damped cloth.

6. Use vinegar solution

Vinegar solution is another great way to deeply clean your tiles. Make the solution by using equal parts of vinegar and water. Mix them in the bucket and wipe your tiles. Rinse with a damped mop.

7. Use rubbing alcohol

Rubbing alcohol is the best solution to disinfect your tiles. Mix the alcohol with some water and wipe your tiles with it.

8. Use specialized cleaners

Cleaners specifically designed for quartz are an excellent way to remove particular stains, while at the same time being 100% safe for your tiles. In our range, we have different cleaners that each target a different problem.

9. Remove hair colour
Make the baking soda solution, by adding a bit of water to it. The consistency should be like toothpaste. Pour the paste onto the stain and let it sit for an hour. Rinse it off with water.

10. Scrapping of hardened mess

To remove hardened mess from your black tiles, especially in the kitchen, use plastic scrapers. Avoid using metal because it can scratch your tiles. Additionally, you can wet the area with warm water and it should make the process easier.

11. Remove markers

Kids can get creative even on tiles and the best way to remove markers is to mix some toothpaste and baking soda. Let it sit for 5 minutes, and then remove the solution with a soft sponge.

12. Remove nail polish

It is best to avoid nail polish removers to remove nail polish because they can also wear off quartz colour. Instead, use rubbing alcohol; just pour a bit of it on the cotton pad and rub the stain.

Following these 12 tips will make sure that your black quartz tiles are always clean and shiny as they could be. Quartz is an easy material to maintain and you should take that advantage to make the best out of your tiles.

Having more question about cleaning and maintaining of black quartz? Please feel free to contact us and we will be happy to help you.