15 Quartz Colours for Contemporary Kitchens

Nowadays colours that don’t contain many details are in fashion. Simpler patterns, saturated colours or neutral colours are all sought-after. Trends come and go, but these colours are not just in right now but will be for years to come. Continue reading and find out about 15 colours that will be excellent choices for contemporary kitchens.

1. Ibiza

Ibiza is a cool-toned white with a noticeable grey undertone. Its pattern is very subtle and it looks like painter’s strokes.

2. Platino Gris Noir

Blue surfaces are very trendy right now and this colour will be perfect if you were looking to follow that trend. This colour has a rich pattern with tiny black rocks scattered all over the blue surface.

3. Tarragona

Tarragona is beige with a grey undertone. The subtle splashes of gold here and there are making this colour very interesting.

4. Milano

A darker-toned grey surface is always in fashion. It is also a great option if you were just looking to replace the countertops because it will pair well with any other colour.

5. Alaska

Alaska is light-toned beige with a warm undertone. It has subtle, greyish splashes of colour on the beige surface.

6. Florence

Florence is another colour with a similar, subtle pattern. However, the background colour is different; it is white with a blue undertone. Another way to follow the blue trend is to combine this colour with navy blue cabinets.

7. Gravel Polished

As the name suggests, this is the colour of gravel. This colour will be perfect to combine with light-toned beige cabinets.

8. Roma Black

Black is always a good choice and it always looks elegant. Roma Black is pitch black with a veined pattern. The veining is crisp and thin.

9. Crete

Crete is light-toned grey with a marbled effect. This colour is excellent for monochromatic kitchens because its pattern will be even more noticeable.

10. Roma Grey

Roma Grey is a light-toned grey with a warm undertone. It has crisp, white veining which makes a beautiful picture on the light-grey canvas.

11. Statuario Milan

Statuario is one of the most famous marble types; this quartz with Statuario effect will be the perfect classic choice that is always in fashion. It has a cool-toned white background with thin, dark grey veining.

12. Calacatta Milan

Calacatta is another famous marble type, which is successfully brought to quartz. This one has a white surface with a golden undertone and golden veining.

13. Everest

Everest is white with a yellow undertone. It has a very subtle pattern that looks like cracks in the ice.

14. Misterio

Misterio is light-toned beige, perfect for small-sized kitchens. A colour like this combined with similarly toned cabinets will make your kitchen look more spacious.

15. San Vincente

San Vincente is a simple white colour with a barely noticeable pattern. The pattern makes it more unique and this is a perfect option for ones that like very subtle patterns.

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