15 Quartz Colours for Kitchen Surfaces


Quartz is a man-made stone which has been one of the most popular options for kitchen surfaces in recent  years. The reason for its popularity is that quartz has excellent characteristics for a reasonable price. It is long-lasting, resistant to staining and durable. It has a beautiful colour range from classic style to marble effect and bookmatch range, there is something for every buyer's need. If you were looking to replace your countertops, here are the 15 quartz colours to look for.

1. Alba Via

Alba Via is a marble effect colour and it is recognizable by the dusty beigy-white background with golden veining. This colour would look great with beige and brown-toned cabinets. Light contrast will make it pop even more.

2. Milet

Milet is the perfect colour for contemporary, industrial style kitchens. It is a very dark grey with subtle white veining. The best combinations are achieved with darker toned cabinets.

3. Calacatta Nova

Calacatta is famous for its clear background and pronounced veining. This is a classic colour that is easy to pair with any cabinets. That’s why it would be a good choice if you were just looking to replace the countertops.

4. Milky White

As the name suggests, this is a milky white colour, a pure white that can enhance the look of any kitchen. This is the perfect colour to use in smaller kitchens because it will make them look brighter and more spacious.

5. Misterio

Misterio is rosy white with a very subtle pattern. This colour is perfect for Bohemian style, as this colour compliments beautifully beige and white colours.

6. Brillo Branco

If you want a granulated pattern, this one may be the one for you. It has a white background and grey small rocks scattered all over the surface.

7. Glitter Noir

Similar to the above-mentioned colour, only this one has a black background and thousands of white rocks, which make it look like the night sky.

8. Light Cararra

Cararra is a famous marble type that is recognizable by the diffused background and veining. This quartz colour has that same effect and it is a classic you can’t go wrong with.

9. Tarragona

Tarragona is a light grey with a subtle pattern. This colour is perfect if you don’t want a bold pattern, but don’t want a solid colour either.

10. Antigua

Antigua is a light beige with very subtle veining that is almost unnoticeable. This colour would be a great choice for Scandinavian style kitchens.

11. Calacatta Vegle

If you like a very bold pattern this one may be the right for you. This Calacatta has a clear white background and thick greyish gold veining.

12. Catania

This is a mid-tone grey with thin black veining. It has a rustic pattern, which makes it perfect for traditional style kitchens.

13. Monaco

Another colour with a very bold pattern, this one has a clear white background with very thick dark grey veining.

14. Statuario Milan

Statuario is another famous marble type recognizable by its linear and distinctive pattern. The veining is neither to thick nor thin.

15. Roma Grey

Light grey with a very soft and sophisticated pattern. This colour can be combined with any colour of the cabinets.

Have you already found your quartz colour for your kitchen surfaces? If so, please feel free to  ClassicQuartzStone for more information.