20 Beautiful Quartz Stone Colours from ClassicQuartzStone


 Quartz is a great option for everyone, from the ones that are looking to completely change their kitchen, to the ones that are looking just to add some details. No matter what for you are planning to use it, here are the 20 quartz stone colours that will make your home beautiful.

 1. Brillo Gris

 Brillo Gris has a granulated pattern on a mid-toned grey surface. This neutral colour will pair well with both warm and cool-toned cabinets. The pattern is very noticeable as the stones are very large.

 2. Branco Cinzento

 This colour is a great alternative to Brillo Gris if you like more subtle patterns. It is also mid-toned grey but with a very subtle granulated pattern.

 3. Super White

 White is always a good choice because it never goes out of fashion. This one has a yellow undertone that pairs well with beige cabinets.

 4. Florence

 Florence is cool-toned white with subtle splashes of grey throughout it. It is a very charming colour that will make your kitchen look very romantic.

 5. Alaska

 Alaska is cool-toned beige with a very subtle veined pattern. It is a perfect choice for monochromatic kitchens.

 6. Milano

 This dark grey is a perfect choice for contemporary kitchens. It fits in minimalistic style perfectly and will make your kitchen very elegant.

 7. Platino Gris Noir

 This is a dark blue with a granulated pattern. The pattern is black and makes a perfect combination with the dark blue background.

 8. Calacatta Milan

 This veined colour is an everlasting option for beautiful kitchens. The veining is not thick but not thin either, which makes it suitable for all elements of the kitchen.

 9. Monaco

 Compared to Calacatta Milan, Monaco has very bold veining. This colour will be the centrepiece of any room, so it is best to use it as an accent.

 10. Roma Black

 Roma is a very dark black with thin white veining all over it. It will make any room looking very luxurious and extravagant.

 11. Roma Grey

 Roma Grey has the same concept as Roma Black, only it has a light-grey surface. This colour will make your room look brighter.

 12. Marbe Cararra

 Carrara has dimmed and blurry background and pattern. It is similar to Calacatta, only it is more subtle and blurry.

 13. Catania

 Catania is a dark grey with subtle veining. The veining is a few tones darker and it is very thin.

 14. Boston

 Boston is a part of our leather range, which has a special texture. It is a mid-toned grey that compliments any colour of the cabinets.

 15. Crete

 Crete is a very romantic white with yellow undertone and a subtle pattern. It is a perfect choice for small kitchens because it will make them look bigger.

 16. Everest

 Everest is similar to Crete, only it has an even more subtle pattern.

17. Leros

 Leros is a cool-toned white with very thin light grey veining. It is very neutral and it can be used both for surfaces and for flooring.

 18. Calacatta Vegle

 This colour is white with warm undertone. Its pattern is goldeny-brown and will make a perfect combination with wooden cabinets.

 19. Ibiza

 Ibiza is a very light blue colour with a white base. It has subtle patterns that make this colour even more interesting.

 20. Platino Branco

 This colour is white with a granulated pattern. The pattern is very bold and the stones are darker than the background.

 ClassicQuartzStone offers a wide variety of colours and patterns for every buyer’s needs. Quartz stone has a very wide colour range because pigments can be added to it during the manufacturing process. It is a perfect material for those who are just looking to replace the worktops, as you can easily find a colour that will match your cabinets.

 For more information about the ClassicQuartzStone colour range, please feel free to contact us.