20 Tips & Tricks for Choosing the Quartz Colour for your Bathroom

Quartz is a stone that is known for its wide colour palette. The reason behind this is that during its making process, the pigments can be added to change its original colour and add patterns. With such a wide variety, one can get lost, so here we are bringing the top tips and tricks for choosing the right quartz colour for your bathroom.

1. Consider what you already have

Look for the colour that appears the most in your home. That particular colour can be a great choice because it will easily fit in your home style.

2. Think about the overall appeal of your bathroom

Combining one quartz colour with differently toned cabinets can have a whole different effect. For a more dramatic effect, choose a contrasting colour to your cabinets. For more harmonic effect, choose a similarly toned quartz colour to your cabinets.

3. Visit the showroom

You will have the best insight into the colours when you visit the showroom. You will probably find a colour that you even haven't noticed so far.

4. Sample the colours

You can ask for free samples; they are a great way to visualize a certain colour next to your bathroom cabinets. Browse online our full range of quartz marble look, bookmatch quartz range, quartz classic range or premier quartz range.

5. Consider various options

Consider choosing two colours- one for the floors and other for the walls, for example.

6. Consider the finish

Not all colours are available in all finishes. You may find it easier to firstly choose the finish and then the colour.

7. Consider the pattern

Patterns are also a great part of quartz slabs. Think about what you like better, veined or granulated pattern? The answer to this question will narrow your options significantly.

8. Plan ahead

Not all colours are equally priced, so it is best to get quotes and plan your expenses upfront.

9. Look for inspiration online

Social media can be a great source when planning your bathroom. Instagram and Pinterest are full of stunning bathrooms that you can use as an inspiration.

10. Consider options on both sides of the colour wheel

Take samples of both dark and light-toned colours. It is an easy way to decide whether to go light or dark.

11. Ask for professional advice

Our professional team will always stand at your service to help you decide with the colour. Just don’t hesitate to ask the questions.

12. Exchange opinions

Talk with your friend and family and exchange opinions with them about a certain colour or pick ideas from scratch from them.

13. Go big then small

Firstly choose the colour for the biggest element of your bathroom and later think about the details.

14. Consider the light

Lighting in your bathroom can have a large impact on the colour. If your bathroom doesn’t have much natural light, or not at all, it is best to use lighter colours.

15. Consider the size

If you have a big bathroom, dark-toned colours will make it look smaller, and vice versa. For small bathrooms, it is best to choose lighter colours.

16. Consider the style

Modern style bathrooms often have solid colours or ones with subtle patterns. Traditional style bathrooms are recognizable by richer patterns and details.

17. Make a collage

Print the colours you like and the plan of your bathroom and stick the colours to it. This will help you visualize colours in your bathroom.

18. Choose the cabinet colour first

If you just can’t decide about the quartz colour, it may be helpful to firstly choose the cabinets. This will narrow the options, because not all quartz colours will match your cabinets.

19. Choose just cool or just warm colours.

Sticking to the colour undertone can be another way to narrow down the choices. Colours with blue undertone are considered cool, while colours with yellow undertone are considered warm.

20. Take your time to make sure about your choice

Don’t rush your decision. Take as long as you have to be sure about your decision.

Need more help in choosing the right colour for your bathroom? Please contact us, and we will be happy to help you.