Thinking about introducing something a bit more unusual and one of a kind to your kitchen? If so, quartz with leather effect can be just what you were looking for.

Leather effect quartz stone has a different texture than the regular polished looks. Its texture looks visibly similar to the real leather and by the touch, it is a bit rougher than regular quartz. Quartz leather effect is just as high quality as regular quartz, but it provides a bit more interesting finish and looks.
Here is the overview of the colours available in the leather range.

1. Calacatta Leather

Calacatta is famous for the very bold and thick veining it has. The background is white with a grey undertone, while the veining is mid-toned grey. This colour will be perfect for any kitchen style, whether it is modern or traditional. With it, you can choose any colour for the cabinets and it will pair well.

2. Boston

If you like the idea of Calaccata, but you want less pronounced veining, Boston can be the one for you. It has very fine grey veining that you will be able to see only when you get close to it. It will be a great option for small-sized kitchens or bathrooms in combination with light toned cabinets because it will make them look bigger.

3. Gravel

If you are looking just to replace the countertops, a colour like this will match any cabinets. It is a mid-toned grey with a very subtle pattern that is almost unnoticeable, but it adds a special touch to this colour. Depending on the colour of the cabinets, you can achieve different looks and atmospheres with Gravel.

4. Statuario Leather

Statuario Leather has a white background with a grey undertone. It also has very thick blue-greyish veining. Compared to Calacatta, its veining is even thicker and it has a hint of blue in it. This colour will be excellent for the kitchen island as an accent in combination with Gravel for the other cabinets.

Leather effect quartz is an excellent choice if you were looking to introduce something one of a kind to your home. All colours available in this range are timeless options that will pair well with any colour of the cabinets.

For more questions about our quartz leather finish range, please feel free to contact us.