4 Modern Bookmatch Quartz Marble Look Colours

Bookmatching means that the two connecting surfaces are mirroring each other. Bookmatching is a great way to introduce something unique and exciting for your home. Quartz, as a manufactured product, has many benefits that other, natural stones don’t have. One of them is that it can be bookmatched. When quartz is manufactured, the pigments can be added to create such patterns that result in two surfaces mirroring each other. This characteristic makes quartz even more special, but this is not the only thing it has to offer. Quartz is also highly resistant to staining and durable. It comes in a variety of colours, among which some are available bookmatched. Browse our full collection of bookmatch quartz marble look colours.

1. Statuario Grigio

Statuario is a famous Italian marble type that is recognizable by the thick and bold veining that can vary in colour. This marble looking quartz has a white background and grey veining. The veining is very bold, so it will look even more pronounced when bookmatched. This is the perfect choice for those who want to make the statement out of their countertops.

2. Calacatta Lusso

Calacatta is another famous Italian marble, only this one has thinner veining on a crisp background. The Calacatta Lusso is recognizable by the cool-toned white background. Its veining is moderate, it is not too thick but not too thin either. This one is perfect for ones that want a bit of everything, but nothing too much. It is not subtle but not loud either, so it is the perfect in-between.

3. Calacatta Santa

This marble looking quartz has very subtle veining on white background. The veining is only a few tones darker than the background, creating a very elegant look. This is the perfect choice for those who have found previously mentioned colours too bold. This colour is subtle, but bookmatching it can create an interesting twist to the story,

4. Himalaya

The final colour is Himalaya, which has a light grey background with a subtle grey veining. The veining is not as subtle as with the previous colour, but it is also less bold than the first two colours. This colour is perfect if you don’t want white surfaces, but don’t want dark colours either. It is very neutral and will be easy to combine with almost any colour of the cabinets.

Quartz marble look is a great way to introduce luxury to your home, without having to commit to marble which can be hard to maintain. Bookmatchig will make your kitchen even more interesting and unique. Keep in mind that only selected colours are available bookmatched, but whichever colour you choose it will be a great addition to your home.

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