5 Beautiful Calacatta Quartz Stone Colours for Kitchen Tops

Calacatta is a famous marble type originating from Italy which has been the synonym for elegance and sophisticated style. Quartz with Calacatta effect will give you even more than the real one; although marble is very beautiful, it has some characteristics that are not great for kitchens. With Calacatta Quartz you can have the best of both worlds; the beauty that marble gives and the mechanical characteristics of quartz.
There is not just one Calacatta colour, but several. They all have in common a clear background with moderately thick veining. Continue reading and discover the best Calacatta quartz stone colours for kitchen tops.

1. Calacatta

The original or classic Calacatta is recognizable by the neutral white background and moderately thick veining. The veining is soft grey colour and it draws a unique picture on the background. This colour is a timeless choice you will not have to replace for decades.

2. Calacatta Gold

Compared to the classic one, Calacatta Gold has a beigy-white background with a golden undertone. The veining is similarly toned and it is moderately thick. This one will be perfect for monochromatic kitchens paired with beige cabinets. Such a combination will also make your kitchen look bigger and brighter.

3. Calacatta Venatina

If you liked Calacatta Gold, but want something even more subtle, Venatina can be the one for you. It has a similar colour story as the previous one, but it is considerably lighter. Its veining is not as pronounced, as it is very subtle.

4. Calacatta Lusso

Lusso is the only one that has a notable cool tone. The background has a subtle grey undertone that will match perfectly with grey-toned cabinets. The veining is grey and it is the perfect density and thickness.

5. Calacatta Milan

If you are looking for very thin veining, this one has the thinnest among all. Its background has a subtle red undertone which gives this colour warmth and cosiness. Milan will be perfectly paired with warm-toned brown or rich beige cabinets.

Each colour is unique, but they are all a timeless choice that will never go out of fashion. Calacatta quartz is an excellent choice for kitchen tops as it is very durable. This material will last you for decades and in that time you will not have to replace it for any reason. You will also not have to worry about staining, because quartz is highly resistant to it.
The first four colours are also available bookmatched. Bookmatching refers to the two connecting surfaces mirroring each other. This is an excellent technique to use on kitchen island tops for example, but it can be also used for other cabinets.

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