5 Marble Effect Quartz Colours for Shower Walls

Quartz with marble effect is a great way to get that beautiful look with improved characteristics. Quartz, as a manufactured material, can look like other materials such as marble, while retaining its characteristics. Quartz has been one of the most popular materials for kitchen worktops, but it is also a great option for bathrooms. It can be used for vanity tops, floor tiles or shower walls. If you were looking to invest in shower walls, these five marble effect quartz colours will be a great addition to your bathroom.

1. Calacatta Nova

Calacatta is a famous marble type that is recognizable by the clear background and sharp veining. This quartz colour is so similar to the real Calacatta marble, no one will be able to tell the difference. It has thick grey veining with some thinner lines here and there. A colour like this is always in fashion and will fit the rest of your bathroom nicely.

2. Monaco

If you liked Calacatta Nova, but you want something even more pronounced, Monaco is the way to go. It has very thick, bold veining that will make a statement in your bathroom. It has a crisp white background with black veining which makes a unique picture on the canvas. If you want white surfaces, quartz is the way to go because it is highly resistant to staining.

3. Roma Grey

This subtle grey colour will be a perfect option for anyone that likes neutral colours that are easy to pair with any other colour. Grey is the perfect option for that because it is neither light nor dark, so it doesn’t create huge contrast which can be overwhelming. To make it even more interesting, this colour has delicate white veining which is making it even more interesting.

4. Roma Black

On the opposite part of the spectra is Rome Black, which has a very similar pattern to Roma Grey, but it has a very different background. It has a pitch-black background with thin white veining. This contrast will bring more dynamic to your bathroom. Also, black tiles always look very elegant and sophisticated. However, you should know that watermarks are more visible on dark surfaces than on light, so you will have to wipe your darker shower walls more frequently.

5. Alaska

Alaska is a very unique colour, it is a beigy white with a subtle grey pattern. This almost pastel colour will be a perfect choice for more traditional style bathrooms. It is also a great choice for small bathrooms because it will make them look bigger and brighter. It will also be a good option for monochromatic bathrooms.

These five colours will give your bathroom that marble effect that is so popular. Not only you will have the same effect as with marble, but you will also have improved characteristics with quartz.

Need more help choosing the perfect quartz with marble effect for your shower walls? Please feel free to contact us and we will be happy to help.