5 Marble Effect Quartz Stone Colours for Commercial Projects


Quartz with marble effect is a great alternative to real marble because it looks the same, but it has improved characteristics. Marble is frequently used for commercial projects because it represents luxury, but it may not be the best option for that since it is prone to staining and scratching. With quartz, you will have the same luxurious appearance as marble, but without staining or scratching.

When quartz is manufactured, pigments are added to it to make beautiful patterns and colours. This is how the quartz can look like marble and have a very versatile colour range. If you are in search of a beautiful marble effect quartz stone colour, continue reading and choose the best one for you.

1. Calacatta Milan

Calacatta is a famous marble type recognizable by the crisp white background and thicker veining. Quartz with Calacatta effect looks just like real marble, only it has improved characteristics. With this one, the veining is not as thick, but it is distinct. The veining is golden-grey on a pure white background. This is a classic choice that will suit any style and theme.

2. Crete

Crete would be a great option for a more contemporary look. It is a blurry mid-toned grey. It has a feathery grain pattern which makes it very elegant and sophisticated. This colour can be perfect for literary anything; for hallways, bathrooms, walls-you name it.

3. Marbre Carrara

Carrara is another famous marble type that is recognizable by the feathery and blurry background and patterns. While Calacatta has a crisp background, Carrara has a blurred one. Calacatta also has bold veining, while Carrara has feathery and soft. Carrara may be better for you if you like softer patterns more. This one has a cool-toned background with a grey feathery pattern.

4. Roma Black

Black is always a great option for any commercial project. It always looks elegant and expensive. This one is pitch black with thin white veining. Although the veining is thin, in contrast with the black background it creates a bold effect. This colour will be perfect for hallways and bathroom floors, as well as accent wall cladding.

5. New England

New England is a perfect neutral colour that will go well with everything. If you don’t want your slabs to stand out too much, but to blend perfectly with the furniture, a colour like this is perfect. It is light grey with very soft veining. Choosing a colour like this one will also allow you to accent other parts of the room, like the furniture or the lighting.

These five marble effect quartz colours will be a perfect addition to any commercial space. Quartz is a high-quality material that surpasses all marble imperfections. It is highly resistant to staining and scratching, making it a perfect choice for places with higher traffic.

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