5 Popular Marble Effect Quartz Colours for Bathrooms


Marble’s beauty and quartz’s mechanical qualities are an excellent combination for beautiful but very long-lasting bathrooms. Having quartz with marble effect is a proven recipe with the best of both worlds; uniqueness and beauty of marble, but sturdiness and durability of quartz. If you were looking for a quartz colour with marble effect for your bathroom, we will make it a bit easier on you and present to you the best five.

1. Statuario Milan

Statuario Milan has a neutral white background with thin dark grey veining. It is the perfect choice for monochromatic white bathrooms. This colour can be beautiful for tiles as well as for countertops. It will make your bathroom very elegant and stylish.

2. Serengeti

Serengeti is a very unique colour that is a mix of blue and grey. It has darker splashes of colour that make this colour even more unique. It is an excellent choice for bathroom countertops paired with white cabinets and tiles. Combining the two contrasting colours will make very interesting compositions.

3. Empire

Empire is a rusty brown with beige splashes of colour. This colour is perfect if you want something a bit more different from the usual neutral colours. Although it is not a standard neutral colour, it is still very easy to combine with other colours, both lighter and darker.

4. Catania

Catania is grey with very bold dark grey veining. It is the perfect choice if you are just looking to replace one element, for example, the countertops. This colour will pair nicely with any other colour that you already have. It can be also used for shower walls, tiles…

5. Crete

Crete is white with a yellow undertone. It has a very subtle grey splashes of colour. This colour is perfect if you have a small-sized bathroom because it will make it look bigger. Combining it with similarly toned cabinets will make your bathroom look brighter and therefore spacious.

These are just some of the marble effect quartz colours that will be excellent for bathrooms, but they are not the only ones. In truth, every colour can be excellent if you pair it nicely and combine it smartly. The whole selection of our quartz marble effect colours can be found here. Not only that they will be beautiful but they will be also very durable and long-lasting. Quartz slabs are also highly resistant to staining and scratching. For all these reasons, quartz slabs will be a very smart investment for various purposes- bathroom tiles, shower walls and countertops.

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