5 Quartz Marble Look Colours for Luxury Kitchens

Quartz is a manufactured stone, which has been very popular because of its great mechanical performances. Quartz is resistant to staining, easy to clean and very durable. But quartz is not only a great option because of its performances, but because of its luxury appearance also. Quartz can look like other stones, such as marble, while having improved characteristics. If you were looking to renovate the kitchen, here are our top 5 quartz marble look colours for luxury kitchens.

1. Roma Grey

Roma Grey is a light-grey with white splashes of colour. The veining is very subtle and elegant. A colour like this is the easiest to pair with any other colour. If you were looking just to replace the worktops and keep the cabinets, this colour will pair nicely with them.

2. Catania

Catania is a dark grey that will be a perfect option for modern style kitchens. It has thin black veining that always creates a unique picture on the grey canvas. This colour is an excellent option to use with lighter-toned cabinets; they will create a nice contrast with the worktops and make them pop even more.

3. Calacatta Vegle

This is one of the most classic quartz marble looking colours. This colour is timeless and it will never go out of fashion. It will be a great option for both modern and traditional style kitchens. It is white with a warm undertone and light grey veining. The veins are thin but sharp and make a great balance with white background.

4. Roma Black

Black is always in fashion and is always looking luxurious and elegant. Roma Black is a very dark black with thin white veining. If you think black countertops will be too much for the whole kitchen, consider using them just for the kitchen island. Your kitchen island will become the accent and will create a nice balance with the rest of the cabinets.

5. San Vincente

San Vincente is a perfect option for monochromatic kitchens. It is a very light grey with a very subtle pattern that is almost unnoticeable. Since it is very light, it will be a perfect choice for small kitchens, as it will make them look bigger. This colour will also be an excellent option for contemporary style kitchens.

These five colours are just a selection of our great range of marble looking colours. No matter which colour you choose, quartz performances remain the same. Quartz will always be resistant to staining, easy to maintain and durable. All the mentioned colours are classic choices that you can’t go wrong with.

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