5 Things You Should Know about White Quartz Stone

White is a timeless colour choice for both kitchen and bathroom. While makes every space looking brighter, cleaner and bigger. But white can get stained easier than other colours. The solution for the staining is choosing quartz stone. Quartz is highly resistant to staining no matter the colour. With white quartz, you will not have to worry about spilt wine leaving a stain. Find out about 5 things you should know about white quartz stone and browse our wide range of quartz including classic range, premier, brillo, leather, quartz marble effect and quartz bookmatch range.

1. White quartz pairs well with everything

If you were looking just to replace the worktops and not to renovate the whole kitchen or bathroom, white will pair well with any colour you have. Not only that it will adjust to your space easily, but it will also make it look more spacious and brighter.

2. White quartz is as stain proof as any other quartz

The colour of the quartz doesn’t have much impact on its resistance to staining. Quartz slabs are a combination of natural quartz, resins and polymers. The last two are there to give the non-porous quality to the slabs. Since all quartz slabs have an equal percentage of resins, all are equally resistant to staining. The fact is that the spills are more visible on white then on darker colours, but they will not leave a stain if you remove them properly.

3. Easy to maintain

Quartz has a sleek and smooth surface and white quartz is no exception. Its surface makes the cleaning very easy, as the spills just sit on top of the surface without absorbing. The cleaning can be handled with only water and soap. Just make some soapy water and wipe your slabs. Follow up by removing the residue with a damped cloth.
Quartz doesn’t need sealing, unlike other stones.

4. Variety of options

There is not just one white quartz, but numerous and they all differ from each other. The most popular are the ones with veining, but there are also options with granulation. Quartz can look like other stones, namely marble and granite. Therefore, it is a great alternative to both of them and it is also less expensive.

5. It is very durable

Quartz is a very durable material that will handle high pressure without breaking or cracking. Natural quartz is ranked number 7 on the scale of the hardest stones and quartz slabs are therefore very hard and durable. Quartz will not break when you accidentally drop something on it. Its molecule structure is hard to break and quartz will not get scratched easily. In fact, for cutting of the quartz slabs special industrial machines are used.

White quartz can be a great addition to your kitchen or bathroom. It is an especially great option for small-sized rooms since it will make them look bigger. It will also make space look brighter and cleaner.

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