5 Tips for Choosing the Ideal Quartz Colour for Your Work Surface



So, you have decided on the Quartz stone to use for your work surface but you have yet to pick our your colour. When it comes to deciding on the colour it can often be just as difficult as it was picking out which material to use, often it can be harder. Whether you are looking for a completely different colour scheme to what you have now or you are looking for something to match your existing accessories and theme, you are guaranteed to find the perfect Quartz colour to suit your personality and theme in mind.


#1 The Room Size


When picking out the colour, consider the size of your home first. If you have a small room then white or lighter colours will be favourable as they can offer the illusion that your room is much bigger than it actually is. Similarly, if you have a huge room then lighter colours and shades such as white may not be the best bet, as it can often make your room look far too big which can be quite unsightly.


#2 Cleanliness


When it comes to cleaning, the colour and shade you pick out and play a big part in how clean your room will look. If you choose a very light or pale colour, then you are at risk of having to clean more often than if you chose a darker colour, as it will show up more dirt and mess. However, extremely dark colours such as black can also have this same effect. If you are wanting a colour that will not show of dirt, then a medium shade colour will be perfect.


#3 Matching with Accessories


Think about the style you are wanting your room to be. Do you have your accessories already picked out? If you do, then pick a colour that will complement it but do not get a colour that will be hard to match up against in a few years if you change your mind about your accessories. It is easy to change the accessories over the work surface.


If you do not have any accessories at all and are simply picking out a colour that catches your eye, try to think about how easy it will be to find things to match it with. For example, if you like the idea of turquoise accessories then do not necessarily go for a turquoise work surface, go for something that will match perfectly and then incorporate the work surface colour into your accessories as well.


#4 Choose a Few Patterns


Once you have picked out the colour that you are going to purchase, try and find a few different styles of that colour. If you have chosen cream then try and look at a few work surfaces that have veining, spots, have a glittery appearance and perhaps freckles. Different patterns and offer a very different style and appearance to your entire room, so pick out the pattern carefully.


#5 Your Personality


Stay true to your own style and personality, never let the current trends sway your decision as in five years time and that trend is out the window, you may start to dislike your work surface. Make sure that the colour you are choosing is completely you, then you are far more likely to be happy with the outcome.