5 Tips to Protect Quartz Stone from Scratches

Quartz is a manufactured stone, made from 93% natural quartz and 7% resins. Natural quartz stone is a very durable material that will not get scratched or cracked easily. Although it is not easy to scratch quartz, it still can get scratched. We are bringing you five ways to protect your quartz surfaces from scratching and prolong their longevity.

1. Use cutting boards

Quartz is not easy to scratch, but certain kitchen knives could leave a shallow dent in it. Using a cutting board on all occasions will prevent that from happening. Not only that you will protect your quartz surfaces from scratching, but it is more hygienic to use a cutting board. If you don’t have the habit of using cutting boards, leave them on visible spots in the kitchen, so you always have them handy.

2. Avoid abrasive pads

Quartz has a sleek surface that can be scratched with using abrasive pads. Avoid such pads and just use soft cloths when cleaning or wiping the spills. Since quartz stone is highly resistant to staining they will be enough to remove all the dirt and soil from your surfaces.

3. Avoid carrying heavy objects

When you drop a heavy and sharp object on your surfaces, you could make a scratch or a dent. Don’t carry heavy objects around your quartz surfaces unless you have to. If you need to, wrap the object in the paper or similar soft material.

4. Use mats

When you need to postpone kitchenware on your surfaces, use a mat instead of placing it directly on your surfaces. Dragging and pulling kitchenware on the surface can leave scratches, so make sure to use mats with your pots, pans and other dishes.

5. Use a putty knife

When you need to remove dried gunk use a putty knife instead of a regular knife. If the gunk is so dry that it is hard to remove, wet it with water and let it soften for five minutes. After that time the gunk should be easier to remove with a putty knife.

These five tricks require no time, but you will prolong the longevity of your surfaces by following them. Although quartz stone is not an easy material to scratch, it is best to be cautious and get the best out of your quartz surfaces.

Need more information about quartz maintenance? Please feel free to contact us and we will be happy to help.